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   Chapter 292 The Special Treatment

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Now, Jean couldn't keep this way, so There was a faint intention of killing flashing in Jean's eyes. Lancy smiled and thought, 'maybe, if she just kill Lancy, everything will be solved for good!'

Lancy don't know what she will think if she knows that she take the blame again.

However, perhaps this was the price to be a "jealous woman".

"My boss said that you should take her back alive," said Glen with a grim smile

Boliy tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said, "So I said that the extraordinary period need use the extraordinary means. Do you have to wait for one year just because you can't do it in one year? Or do you want to wait another six years? "

Jean's face darkened, 'six more years?' Everyone knew what Boliy meant, so she couldn't wait another six years.


Jean looked embarrassed. This is not the same as what group told her!

Don't think that Jean is always so arrogant, and she is so cruel in front of Leona, she thinks she is smart enough to have guessed Boliy's thoughts. When she is facing Lancy, she is always saying cruel words, wanting her to die outside, in fact, Jean is just cruel in words!

Of course, she was heartless as well. What was that bastard's point.

For example, in the organization, she was only a paper tiger who would take the responsibility.

What's worse, she was afraid at the last moment! Boliy said it's okay, so she just said it so straightforward. Jean had something else in mind.

Especially when she was in a delimma. If she could kill Lancy right here, her authority would accuse her of something she had done and make her suffer?

Now that Boliy had spoken up, Jean wanted to seek protection anyway.

"Boliy, our superior asked us to do so. You see..." Jean pointed upwards. God knew that she was also one of the people who hoped that Lancy would die. However, she had to pretend to be something.

Glen fell into silence before he added, "I have told you a thousand times that you must pay attention to Lancy's safety!"

Boliy's face was like a color palette. Thanks to the high-definition screen, she was able to see clearly the pores, let alone the expression on her face.

Boliy gritted her teeth secretly. How could she not know the order from the top?

'seriously? Is Glen necessary to be so direct?' she wondered? No wonder he didn't make any progress these years! If it was not because he was protected by a good master, who knew what would happen to Glen!

Although Glen's social status was lower than hers, he is an excellent one. Moreover, there was a childish master protecting him. This was also the reason why Boliy failed to go against him.

It was hard to tell whether the art that Glen used was intentional or he really didn't know how to speak, so he continued, "it is strange. Why does she have to go back in one piece? Since she is a traitor, it doesn't matter whether she is dead or alive. No matter what, Lancy would die anyway... "

What Glen said seemed to be mor

Mrs. Wilson, the old lady of the Lu Clan. However, it turned out this way was useless. Did she mean that she was going to take the road to the Lan Clan?

By the way, from the moment Jean received the mission, not only Lancy, but all people who surname is Lan, Jean was subconsciously excluded from the outside. And she refused to try as well.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have come up with this idea until Boliy mentioned it.

Jean thought for a while, but felt a faint and ironic sight staying on her. Needless to say, there was no one else in the room except Glen.

Seeing that Glen was still calm in front of him and compared to her embarrassment, Jean's anger came up! She put on a fake smile and despised Glen, "I wonder whether you are satisfied with the result."

"Not bad," Glen didn't say much and just kept silent.

But to her surprise, Jean was even angrier: "you thought you could see my embarrassed, hum! Glen, don't you know that we're in the same boat now? If I'm not good enough, what benefit can you get from me?"

Instead, he was watching a show with a big smile on his face. She believed that he must be very disappointed since she hadn't been blamed for that?

"You think too much." Glen replied without looking sideways. He looked innocent. In the same boat? He didn't agree with her at all. There was always a boat owner and a sailor in it. There was no doubt that Jean would get off the boat sooner or later.

Jean was afraid that Glen didn't feel her displeasure and gave a loud snort. "Don't think that the time limit is limited for me alone. If you can't complete your task, even if you are backed up, you won't have a good time! "

That's another reason why Jean didn't like Glen.

'fuck! That's because he has a powerful master who can protect him.'

It seemed that it was fate. From the beginning to the end of the video conference, no one mentioned the name of Marvin. Glen spoke in disdain, but Jean felt guilty because Boliy had neglected Marvin.

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