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   Chapter 291 Charged

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Being rejected by Marvin's strict words, Jean was about to collapse. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

Marvin... Was he rejecting her?

Refuse her?

Jean was always so invincible in men's group, but was rejected mercilessly this time. Is this the way to ask her out?

Jean was not in good mood. She looked at Marvin blankly. It was obvious that she was shocked, and her charming face was dark.

Jean was bad. But now, Lancy was happy.

There were tears in her bright eyes and she began to smile. Hand in hand, Lancy stood in front of boss and waved to Jean, indicating that she should leave now.

"Marvin, you..." Jean's tears were about to come out, but she didn't know if it was true or it was just a show? "How can you... How can you do this to me?"

Not only that, she kept saying that she wanted to explain to Lancy. They had nothing to do with each other! But now, Jean said this, it was clear she want to have relationship with Marvin.

He stared at Jean without blinking. Under such urgent gaze, Jean couldn't help trembling! It turned out that when a man got angry, he would do like this.

Was it because he was also a member of the high position? Marvin's behavior was even more frightening than that of "that man".

Marvin didn't care if Jean was scared or not. He protected Lancy like a bodyguard. In front of Jean, he was as cold as in winter, "Miss Jean, you are wrong. You are a guest and you should have been treated with politeness. But my wife is not feeling well, so I won't keep you here. Next time, Miss Jean and Mr. Glen come to visit, we will apologize for you. "

Jean was stunned, and the only anger in her heart was extinguished.

It had to be said that speaking was an art. Some people could never learn it, while some people were born to be excellent. After years struggling in the business world, Marvin was born to be an outstanding businessman.

Jean was so smart, at least when she was not dazed and confident. She understood what Marvin said. The man's attitude was so determined, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that he protected Lancy.

All he said was caring for Lancy. In order to make sure there was no source of her discomfort, Marvin kindly mentioned Glen name and asked her to leave.

Was he implying that Jean was engaged? Or was he suggesting that she should behave herself? Jean was distressed and felt a little pain in her heart. Was it because she was rejected by Marvin?

The next time she came to visit him with Glen, which meant that if she was alone in the future, he would shut the door on her?

Jean didn't believe him, and she didn't want to believe him either.

However, the reality was cruel.

In Jean's eyes, Lancy held him tightly, with her hands around his waist and never let him go, not knowing whether she was deliberately showing off her love or she was really afraid that the man would leave her.


she finished her words. Glen looked at Boliy straight and didn't shrink back, "just a Lancy? Boliy, Lancy was the first in that year's ranking. From the moment she took the first task to leave the organization, she has been the leader. She is not a weak person. "

Right after he said that, Jean, who was standing next to him, was scared to death! Jean was weak on the ground and almost had no strength. She looked at Glen in disbelief. 'this man wants to kill me, right?' she thought? How dares he... How dares he!

Jean knelt on the ground and didn't dare to see Boliy at all.

Just as Jean expected, Boliy had already been angry. This was undoubtedly the result of too displeasure. She stared at Glen and found that he looked calm and unaffected.

"Glen, well, well, well!" Boliy ground her teeth.

A faint smile appeared on Glen's face. No one would think that he was a terrible person?

However, it was strange that Boliy didn't blame him. As a matter of fact, the conversation went back to the beginning point. "Good, very good! A month, a month at most. If you can't take her back, just wait and see. "

one month?

Jean was so anxious that she almost jumped up. Now, she didn't even have the chance to be close to Lancy. How could she bring her back in a month? "Boliy, Lancy's husband protects her so well that we have no chance to approach her at all! For one month, I really can't do anything about it. "

A hint of satire flashed in Boliy's eyes. She snorted, "at the special time, you are so wicked. Do you need me to teach you?"

Jean was stunned, was that what she understands? Before she left, her guess was right, wasn't it? Jean was still a little uncertain before, but now, she was completely certain.

Sure enough, Boliy didn't want Lancy to go back safe and sound.

Jeans eyes darkened. She would never forget the humiliation given by Lancy today! With Marvin's support, Lancy would embarrass her, didn't she?

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