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   Chapter 290 Exposed

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Maybe it was really because of her in private, Jean put the blame on Lancy too smoothly. She always called Lancy a traitor, and she spilled it out when she was mad at Lancy.

Now, what should she do? How to answer?

Jean wouldn't have been so embarrassed, but it was difficult for her to be present in front of Marvin! She couldn't expose herself, let alone saying something unnecessary.

Marvin was also shocked.

Traitor... Lancy didn't know, but he did. How would they deal with the traitors!

Death was, on the contrary, a kind of relief.

What they was afraid of was they can't die! Marvin secretly clenched his fists, and at this moment, he figured out all the problems. No wonder Leona was close to Lancy but didn't make any move, no wonder Jean chose to get close to him instead of competing against Lancy, no wonder they didn't make any move.

At first, he thought it was for another purpose. Now, they don't want to kill Lancy, but they want to take her back and accept the trial and punishment of the organization.

They even tried to make her suffer and destroy her happiness before he took her away...

What would Lancy get if she was taken back? Marvin couldn't even imagine it.

Upon hearing that, Marvin's black eyes sank and his aura changed. The intangible cold air turned into sharp blades. He squinted his eyes, which looked dangerous. Subconsciously, his body covered Lancy, as if Jean was going to hurt Lancy!

But this time, it was Lancy who stopped.

She was so anxious and terrified, and she even ignored the presence of Marvin.

Lancy no longer wanted to be protected by Marvin. She walked towards Jean step by step. She stared at her straight with her black bright eyes, "what do you mean?"

Jean stepped back subconsciously and swallowed, 'shit, this woman is so frightening.'? What... What did she want to do?

It's not Jean's cowardice, but Lancy's serious attitude towards her was not like what she used to be, and was kind of like at that time. Wasn't Jean afraid?

In fact, not only Jean, but also people in their group who were in the same period with Lancy, and even in the next and next period, they still remembered Lancy's appearance.

Maybe this was the so-called remaining power?

"I just said that casually... Nothing. " Jean knew that her reason was so weak and lame. However, she had no choice but to explain. No matter what, she couldn't do anything about it?

Jean cheered herself up secretly and moved towards the position of Marvin quietly, silently warning Lancy, 'Marvin is here. Are you going to expose yourself in front of Marvin?'

All of a sudden, Lancy felt cold all over her body. It was not until she saw Jean's faint smile that she realized that Marvin was here.

Now Lancy was timid, which made Jean happy and emboldened.

In this case, Lancy was undoubtedly exposing her weakness, so there was no way for Jean to be afraid of her? "Miss Lancy, I just didn't mean it. Why are yo

Aren't you angry as you promised?' 'You wouldn't lift the table?' 'You promise me you will never bear this?'

Well, she admitted reluctantly that she was a little drifty now! Because of the protection and trust of Marvin!

In a childish manner, Lancy gave Jean a look. The girl said, "hum, my boss only cares about me, not you!"! What!

Well, the psychological age of Lancy degenerated into a small number.

Jean was angry. Her heart ached! Lancy complained in her mind. In fact, she also overturned the table secretly? This was completely different from what she had expected, okay?

Jean wanted to see the couple have a quarrel instead of showing off their love! Jean felt that she was hurt, and her heart was hurt.

"Ha ha, Lancy is so cute. I just said that casually, but she took it seriously. It's my fault." Jean said against her heart and continued provoking him. "Marvin, please forgive me. I didn't expect that..."

The underlying meaning behind her words was that Lancy was not only hiding something, but also being a mean person.

They were all women with small nose and small eyes.

Jean didn't know that in just a few minutes, Marvin had changed his mood in a quite different way. From the moment she spoke out the truth, Jean was useless in front of Marvin.

So he would not "play along with" her ".

Every little bit of it is a waste of time and energy! His eyes would hurt at the sight of Jean!

Cough, don't doubt, this is really the thought of boss. Yes, that's our boss' sharp tongue.

Boss won't treat her better.

To Jean, it's a little light. At least Marvin didn't say it, right?

Well, our boss didn't even want to waste his chance of being mean to Jean. However, this woman was reckless and spoke a lot of nonsense in front of him. In the worst way, she tried to sow discord between him and Lancy.

"Miss Jean, you'd better go back. Since Lancy is in a bad mood, we won't serve you. " Marvin replied simply and to the point.

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