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   Chapter 289 Let Go Of That Man

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It sounded as if Lancy was making trouble out of nothing.

Upon hearing that, Marvin's face turned cold. He couldn't forgive anyone who said anything bad about his wife.

Jean mistakenly thought that the man was unhappy because of Lancy, and because he remembered that Lancy had been making trouble for him these days.

It could only be said that it was a misunderstanding.

"Do you need me to explain it to your wife?" Jean appeared very guilty and anxious, "it's all my fault. My lady will be angry at me, and I can bear it."

Actually, Marvin was a little bit confused.

Yes, he was stunned.

It was supposed to be Lancy, but now it was Marvin. Although he had known the ways Jean acted, he was still shocked for a second when he actually met her in person.

Fortunately, in a blink of an eye, Marvin had dressed up.

"No, thanks." What Marvin meant was that Lancy didn't need to be comforted by Jean, if Jean wanted to use the opportunity to say a lot in front of Lancy. So Jean didn't have to worry about that.

But what Jean understood was that there was no need to say. Lancy couldn't make sense.

Jean was so happy that she almost flew up. She comforted the man hypocritically, "Marvin, don't be angry. I believe that you will make up. Miss Lancy, you are such a considerate girl. "

Thus, the title of "Miss Lancy" was changed from "Mrs. Lancy", thus depriving the family name of "Lu".

That was the magic of words.

Marvin frowned. When he looked at them again, they were all calm.

Jean directed and acted self-deprecatingly.

Shaking her fingers, she said disappointedly, "Miss Lancy, I will certainly consider your feelings. Unlike, unlike Glen... "

Jean was also good at guiding the topic.

"Mr. Glen, what's wrong?" asked Marvin, pretending to know nothing

Even the man didn't even have to guess, he knew what Jean wanted to say!

As expected, what Jean said next was exactly the same as what he expected.

Jean's eyes were red. It was strange. Tears were down, but her makeup did not fade at all, instead it made her sad and touching. "After that day, Glen didn't talk to me anymore. No matter how I explain to him, he always ignores my words. Marvin, what should I do? "

Two lines of tears appeared in front of her eyes. Jean couldn't help but hold Marvin's hand and said in a pitiful voice, "Marvin, what if Glen abandon me? I'm really... Now, Glen doesn't even want to marry me. He must abandon me! "

She stared at Marvin with her watery eyes. If it were another man, he would have made a decision: he doesn't want her. I want her!

However, Marvin didn't have any intention to do that. The man frowned and had the impulse to shake off his hands! It had to be said that when you hated a person, whatever she said or did was wrong, let alone being touched by such a person, nausea and discomfort emerged from the

idened and glared at Jean, "Where are you looking at? Are you still looking at me! Let's go! Hurry up! Go as far as you can go! "

Jean finally couldn't help but speak up ironically, "Lancy, are you really done? Is this the way you treat as a hostess? You don't like me, do you? "

Yes, it was the same. We grew up together, ate and slept in the same room. No one can separate us! Well, it was true that she was an orphan. Hadn't Lancylived an orphan for so many years!

"Look at you, a jealous woman. Do you really think you are the one who could control the forces of nature before? Dream on!" Jean became angrier. He poured all the beans out like pouring beans in a bamboo restaurant. "You are a traitor. You have no right to despise me!"

…… 'Holy crap! I messed up a big trouble!' Jean thought. After she finished speaking, Jean covered her mouth and her heart thumped.

'Oh my God! I was so angry with Lancy that I said something.... I shouldn't have said anything.'

If the superior knew that Jean trembled, the consequences could be imagined.

Jean really wanted to leave now, but her legs seemed to take root on the ground and couldn't move at all.

Because both Lancy and Marvin were looking at her.

The garden calmed down at once. The servants who were waiting outside were still wondering why it became so quiet now as if they had heard the noise just now?

The servants looked at each other and stepped back. Then they shut their mouths, nose, nose and heart, and the fire of gossip had already been extinguished. They behaved incredibly well.

After a long while, Lancy asked, "What do you mean? What do you mean by I'm the same as you? What are you talking about Traitor? "

Since the weapon issue, Lancy had been silent for a long time. Then, the evil spirit issue drew all her attention away. She intentionally ignored it and forgot it Now it seemed that the plan didn't work.

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