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   Chapter 288 Showing Off

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However, Jean mistakenly thought that men wanted to be here and unconsciously showed off her "professional knowledge". But she didn't know that the more she said, the more likely she would expose her shortcomings.

From her words, Marvin finally understood that this woman was just a layman. She knew nothing about this. However, Glen was much more superior than Jean.

Glen was more valuable than Jean.

But for the time being, they had to let it go.

Marvin answered, but the point was that he didn't say anything.

However, Lancy could not help but ask, "aren't you and Glen a couple? Hasn't he told you yet?" The girl's eyes were wide open. There were a straightforward word for her -- "you, you, have fiance!" 'How dare you behave yourself? Do you know what is legitimate?

Even women disliked skittish women, especially when it came to seducing their own man.

It was human nature to judge oneself by others. Nobody could ask for too much from Lancy. In this battle, Lancy was just an ordinary woman.

Her charming face trembled and Jean's heart beat hard. Would they chat with each other and have fun? The topic was over after all.

Realizing that she was the one who likes Marvin, Jean didn't want others mention Glen in front of her. Especially when it came to Lancy.

Was this double standard?

Lancy found Jean's face trembling. Out of the blue, Lancy felt happy.

The girl couldn't describe such a feeling. According to the Internet, bullying a mistress or a green tea bitch is a classic behavior. They are good and vivid.

The girl seemed to have the same feeling, she continued, "how did you get to know Glen, Jean? Was the scene beautiful and romantic? Will you never forget that? "

Jean almost broke her teeth. Don't think that she didn't hear clearly.

that 's going too far!

Besides, what special, romantic, impressive and unforgettable Jean's face was filled with anger. At this moment, she couldn't help thinking of Glen's face, which was always ice cold and disdainful towards her.

For a person, he was not afraid of how big a lie he made, but afraid that it was the opposite of reality. This was undoubtedly a kind of cruel. How about the facts? Jean is very clear. She can really feel what is called "the reality is cruel".

Unless she had reached the highest level of self deception - even herself was deceived.

Apparently, the effect of a face for an innocent person was beyond her expectation? If she is really a very sinister woman, you can say that there is something wrong with her moral quality. In the eyes of the public, a well behaved girl like Lancy is really hard to refute.

rrupted by the man, Lancy raised her head and asked, "are you thirsty, Marvin?"

However, Marvin just raised his eyebrows and gave her an understanding look.

OK, OK, OK, Lancy got it. "I'll give you... Let's get some water. "

Before leaving, Lancy did not forget to give a glance at Marvin, the strange look Lingering between the two.

Remember, the distance should be at least five meters. It can't be closer. Otherwise, Lancy would definitely be a "envy woman".

As a matter of fact, her warning was self-evident. Marvin could not help smiling and nodding.

Finally, Lancy left, and the most happy person was undoubtedly Jean.

In her view, it was obvious that Marvin sent away Lancy on purpose. Otherwise, how could Lancy leave so easily?

It proved that he had Jean in his heart, didn't he?

Jean was excited. She was rippling! 'this is the Lu mansion. As long as Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson weren't here, the man took away Lancy, leaving her alone in his own house. How dare he do this in front of Lancy? It seems that he was not angry with Lancy, right?

Right, no man would be impatient to be held by a woman, especially his wife.

Men were all chauvinist! His wife had given birth to children and had children to carry on their offspring. As for others, it was unnecessary to worry about anything else.

As for Mrs. Wilson, she was an example. She has being ignored by Sidney for most of her life!

If Jean had only three points in mind before she came to visit, now she has eight.

At this moment, Jean was really glad that Lancy was so disagreeable!

"Marvin..." Hearing that, when Lancy left, the way she called him changed greatly. Jean looked at him in worry, "how are you doing with her? Did she make trouble for you? "

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