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   Chapter 286 Jean Came

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Someone reminded her and Mrs. Wilson held her phone and compared the woman in the photo with this woman.

Mrs. Wilson's eyes are all bright. She hold Jean's hand and didn't let go. Her enthusiasm was like seeing her family.

Mrs. Wilson was smiling all the time. She was so kind.

People who didn't know her would think that Jean was her granddaughter in law!

Everyone present knew now. They all pretended to be confused. Mrs. Wilson thought highly of Jean, and they were afraid that Lu Clan would have to fight again.

Of course, not everyone present watch a play, but there were also some honest people. Mrs. He was a more honest woman, especially when it came to marriage.

Mrs. He excused herself and several her friends also left.

The ladies wondered whether Mrs. Wilson was too old to have good eyesight so that she could pick up such a woman. Everyone in the world had had his or her own dirty tricks. But they also had to observe the rules and regulations?

Which family will help the outside woman? Those who didn't know the situation would think that Mrs. Wilson in charge was also righted!

It was said that rich people tended to be particular. The poor is not the poor. There is a saying that the rich get rich and the rich flow oil. People don't lack anything. The poorest is to be particular.

That was why the richest people care more about the family rules.

There is an old saying that the depth of water in a great house is just like the depth in these places.

Every one in this family would do whatever they could to keep the balance! What's more, those who sit down again are all the real houses that marry each other. It's impossible to sympathize with an outsider!

If her husband came home with a woman someday, should they smile to face? They would never let it happen.

Some of them went away, while the others stayed.

They had different mentality, but they were surprisingly tacit to see Jean.

Those who stayed at the theatre didn't see Jean as a serious girl either. There was a taste of visiting the zoo.

Jean was humiliated, but she could only come up to Mrs. Wilson with a flattering face. She pretended to act as if nothing had happened and to gain Mrs. Wilson's favor.

Mrs. Wilson is also a smart person. She pretends that she doesn't know Jean's tangle with Marvin and Lancy. She is regarded Jean as an ordinary junior.

No, she was a little better than the others, at least she looked quite enthusiastic on the surface.

So, Jean finally managed to meet Mrs. Wilson of the Lu Clan and entered the Lu mansion with the help of Mrs. Wilson.

When Marvin was in the group, he avoided meeting her. Then, he must go home! Besides, Lancy was also at home. How could he not go back?

Again and again, Jean coaxed Mrs. Wilson into coming, and in this day, she formally paid a visit to her.

Moreover, the timing was right.

At this moment, Marvin, Lancy and two olders must be the

on's mood was full of flowers and laughter, which made Sidney can't help but feel strange, 'does she love Jean so much to this extent?'

Mr. Sidney shook his head without thinking too much and spoke up with Jean.

Jean who liked a fish got water. When others couldn't see her, she gave Lancy an arrogant and meaningful look.

Lancy bit her chopsticks. This was definitely the most tasteless meal she had ever had. It was this demon! 'son of a bitch! You are going too far!'.

Since the guests were present, the Lu Clan didn't eat well. They mainly chatted with guests and greeted them. After a while, the dinner was finished.

With her eyes fixed on Lancy, Mrs. Wilson was secretly overjoyed. She had never been so obedient and quiet before! Holding a glass flower in her both hands, Mrs. Wilson in her heart could make three laps around the earth...

At this moment, Mrs. Wilson opened her mouth and said, "Marvin, it's the first time for Miss Jean to come here. You stay with her and show her around at our home."

After all, Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson were old and couldn't bear it. Besides, they were Jean's seniors. There was no need for the elders to accompany them. Things were different between the seniors.

'the master of this house should have such a posture. After all, Marvin is the host of Lu Clan.'

If he didn't go to receive the guests, who else would go?

Mrs. Wilson's suggestion made Lancy's face turn ashen and ashen.

Mr. Sidney didn't think too much. As expected, it was only a matter of reason.

Jean smiled modestly and stared at Marvin with her watery eyes. His posture and expression were almost as good as the flint. It seemed that no matter what decision was made by Marvin, she would accept it without any complaints.

'damn it! Do you really think you are in the romantic drama?

Obviously, after all, there was no reason for Marvin to refuse this. Besides, several days had passed. It was time to give Jean a 'chance'.

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