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The wind was blowing. They embraced each other, but didn't feel the coldness at all.

Fortunately, Leona left in advance, so she was not here. If she saw this scene, she would be surely shot. That stupid woman! She was coaxed easily. '.

This was what Leona was thinking.

Soon, the news that Lancy and Marvin had made up came to Jean, Leona and Glen's ears.

Leona snorted in a huff. She was annoyed at Lancy's weakness. Fortunately, this was what she had expected. With great self-confidence, Jean had already taken Marvin as her brother-in-law. When she heard this news, she was out of her mind!

Lancy was a woman of means! After a few words, she succeed in coaxing the man back. Which innocent woman was capable of doing that? Jean would never think that the problem was on himself, which had nothing to do with her charm.

Lancy looked like a pure and innocent girl, but in fact, she was good at scheming! Jean had mixed feelings. It seemed that she was not angry only because of the "failed" mission, but also because of the fact that "Marvin and Lancy had made up.

Compared with Leona and Jean, Glen's reaction was much calmer, just raising his eyebrows slightly.

In the following more than half a month, Jean was always refused by Marvin in private. For the first time, the third time, whatever Jean's hint was, she was refused directly!

Jean was unprecedentedly defeated. Marvin was avoiding her! 'Does he remember that we are partners?' If he knew that she was with Glen and he didn't want to see Glen, what a first-class friendship Jean felt her heart ache, like an intermittent insane. Once she thought of this, she felt her heart painful and painful. She was almost crazy.

Glen stood aside and watched as if he were watching a show. Jean was undoubtedly a clown.

Glen gave her a faint smile and a look of disgust. Jean felt more angry than laughing at her and slapping her! After having been shut out for several times, Jean finally broke out.

The first victim was Glen.

Jean put her hand on her waist and counted for a while: "I know you are laughing at me. You laugh at me for not doing my job well and for being affectionate. You laugh at me for putting my heat on my cold butt, don't you?"

In the face of Jean's accusation, Glen shrugged his shoulders without denying, as if laughing at her arrogance and self-deceiving. What's more, it was obvious that she said these words because Jean was guilty. Did she know that she was so shy that she even reacted against him? Did she know that she was cheating herself?

Glen's contempt didn't escape Jean's eyes. In fact, Jean always knew that this man didn't like her! In Jean's eyes, men were divided into two kinds. One was a bitch man who was seduced by her; the other was that he didn't like what she did. He looked down upon her very much. He claimed himself to be a guard and hated women like her.

It's ridiculous


On the contrary, Jean was jealous like a wife. It didn't matter at all!

Anyway, people all over the world were wrong, and Jean was not wrong. The world was around her, and men were no exception.

Unless he was not a man For example, Glen was one of them. Jean gave him a vicious satisfaction in her heart, and gave him a malicious look, then she pretended that she didn't look away.

"Anyway, you have to help me! Don't think you can betray me without leaving any evidence. We were dispatched to carry out a task together. Even if I failed to complete it and got punished, I would still tell my superior that you didn't cooperate with me from inside and outside. You obstructed my plan... " Jean said proudly and put down her request for zed's help. Now, she threatened him with her head high.

Glen crossed his legs, sipping the tea from time to time. There was a saying that can't be changed. By the way, dogs can't change their preference for bones, and it's estimated that Jean will never change it in her life.

"You want to see Marvin?" Instead of getting angry, Glen even laughed. "In my opinion, Leona is much smarter than you."

"…… What do you mean? " Jean clenched her teeth. She always puts Leona under her feet. Is it possible that she's smarter than her? 'Are you kidding me? How can I not be pampered by Leona? She is fighting alone in an organization now.'

She, she had dozens of men working for her, and she was the leader.

"It doesn't matter. Leona knows how to play in circles but you want to climb up step by step. You think who is stupid and who is smart?" Glen mocked Jean with no pressure. "One road has been blocked to the end. Don't you know that there is another? However smart Leona is, she has done everything she should do, and now, she has successfully penetrated the enemy inside. What about you? "

Jean was stunned and suddenly realized that the current situation was very bad for her!

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