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   Chapter 283 A Pale Explanation

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Lancy frowned tightly. In the final analysis, she still couldn't feel relieved.

It's hard for a woman to understand it, right? Unless, she didn't love this man at all!

Marvin rubbed between her eyebrows and kissed her. "Don't think too much. Just believe me. Close your eyes and cover your ears. That's enough."

The so-called explanation must be reasonable if he wanted to convince her.

Marvin, after all, couldn't say a word. As a man, he had the responsibility to protect her from the rain. He was not willing to give her too much pressure.

As long as he was there! What Lancy needed to do was to be happy, no worries and be herself.

However, Lancy got a different view from her point of view!

What she needed was not only "I love you", "please believe me", but also something else! The only thing she wanted to know was what was going on. The intimacy between Marvin and her was really not enough for her to accept it.

Especially what Leona said, had planted a skeptical seed in Lancy's heart in the end.

Lancy had never been like this. She knew everything of men! She wanted to know what had happened and what was Jean doing in the event, and if it was worthy of him to "sacrifice himself".

One of them intended to conceal the truth for the sake of the other, while the other wanted to know everything in detail.

Her world was in a mess. Lancy blinked and looked at Marvin, unspeaking.

Of course, Marvin knew what was on Lancy's mind. He touched her head gently and asked, "Are you sure you know me, Lancy? Do you really know what kind of person I am? "

Hearing his words, Lancy was stunned! She always knew that Marvin was a great man and a man who was good to her.

However, what had happened recently was totally different.

Lancy didn't know where to start. If Leona was right, she didn't know him, really didn't know him...

If he concealed something from her, she would hid the past, either to make up for it? Lancy was really confused. Could she do that?

Marvin covered her eyes, which were clear and transparent. "I'll tell you everything one day. Please give me some time, okay?"

Lancy nodded blankly. She was frightened by what Marvin said. It turned out that the boss really had some secrets... The secret was too deep to be seen!

It turned out that what Leona said was true.

So, what was his secret? And what was her past?

Lancy couldn't help turning back and looked at Leona from afar.

Even Lancy didn't know the look in his eyes. But Leona did. A smile spread from the corner of Leona's mouth to her whole face. Leona knew that from now on, she could care no more about other things, such as Luke next to her, and so on to Marvin. She could stand beside Lancy without any scruple.

She succeeded in attracting the attention of Lancy, arousing her curiosity, her suspicion, and her desire for "secret".

Marvin couldn't stop Lancy anymore.

As long as he lo

ospitality. The man's mind was spinning fast, and soon he came up with a solution.

The girl was very nervous, just like a little dog, staring at the man. Did he agree or not? If she didn't agree, she would... She would I won't go home!

Marvin smiled more brightly. He kissed her little ear and said affectionately, "Lancy, do you mind to be a jealous wife? If you don't mind, I can make it. "

Jealous woman? Or a vicious woman?

The girl held her head and shook her head. Jealous woman? Was she jealous of the wife of all the women around her husband?

Marvin continued to seduce, "if you're jealous of women, just do what you want to do and deal with other women in the same way! You can follow me and protect me from those demonic spirits. What do you think? "

Protect him? To protect what? Marvin's chastity?

There was a moment when Lancy felt so stressful and she thought she had the right and obligation to do so! "Jealous woman" captivated Lancy. Lancy stared at Marvin without blinking, and the man just smiled without saying anything.

The girl suddenly understood what Marvin meant.

Letting the evil spirit near him was helpless, because of a certain purpose, and he had to do so. However, Marvin was giving her a hint, so she could take the punishment of the evil spirit without any hesitation.

That's jealousy. She's just willful!

The girl was moved. With a suspicious glimpse of water on her lips, she said, "that's what you said. Don't be angry then."

"Okay, Lancy, you must be in charge of your man's safety," said Marvin. He held Lancy tightly, so that she didn't struggle any more. Now that they had been so close to each other, all things had been settled.

The girl grumbled in her boss' arms as she couldn't wait to defend her boss' chastity.

So, you asked us to mourn for Jean. After a cold war, the colluded couple began to fight with strange beasts. And Jean was the first victim, in front of zed.

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