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   Chapter 282 A Fragile Request

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A medical bag... Luke gave her a medical bag.

Luke glanced at Leona indifferently, and then fixed his eyes on her wound and said, "The wound."

Leona's mouth twitched, daring not to be simpler? Besides, he was here. Could she undress herself and heal the wound?

"Hehe, are you going out?" If he went out, Leona would deal with her wound! But, would he let her go again?

However, Luke' face didn't change at all. He decided to prove to her with actions that he was not a child.

Leona threw away the medical bag and rudely glared at him. Well...

"…… People from the community of martial artists are not to stick at trifles... " Luke sat there peacefully with his eyes staring at the front and didn't feel anything wrong with what they said.

It made sense. When they trained in the desert and mountains, there was no gender difference! To keep alive was the most important thing for them to cooperate with his team.

No wonder they eat and sleep and even bathe together.

They didn't want to be considered as a woman or woman by the eyes of others. In this kind of life, there was really no ripples. Everyone really forgot about their gender and the gender of others.

However, at this moment, they were in a really harsh environment. The words said by Luke were extremely harsh to Leona's ears!

Was he trying to take advantage of her on purpose?

Leona looked at Luke with a sullen face, while the latter looked like a dead pig was not afraid of burning. It seemed that it was not a big deal.

Lola rubbed between her eyebrows. Fortunately, she knew what he meant.

No, Leona turned her head. Carrying out a task was a task and now it was not the time to mix them up! Was she familiar with him?

How could he command her and teach her?

At the thought of this, Leona said nothing but stared at the object in the distance, without looking at the medical bag.

To put it bluntly, he just began to ignore the existence of Luke...

His lips thinned into a grim line. Then Luke let go of her completely.

Two people in the car look at Marvin and Lancy, but they are in two different moods. As for Luke, of course he was worried a little more. And Leona was also worried, but her key point was different from Luke. What she was worried about was that they would make up immediately.

Then, everything Jean had done would be meaningless.

Of course, Marvin did. He reached out and wiped Lancy's tears! However, the more he acted like this, the louder Lancy cried. She just couldn't stop crying.

There is no sense of beauty in her tears. However, in the eyes of men, her tears hold her heart tightly.

Sometimes, crying meant to be sad, but not crying meant to be more painful.

"Lancy, don't cry!" The man's voice was husky and low. He stared straight at Lancy.

Lancy didn't know what was wrong with her. Every time she saw

it off?" With that, Lancy became so angry, Hshe took a sharp bite on his shoulder.

She was quite adept at biting. We could know that she had often pestered Marvin.

Marvin didn't snort. He said, "the coat smells like perfume. It's so strong that I might be suffocated to death!"

Lancy glanced at the man in embarrassment. Boss, did you mean that you dislike Jean? If Jean knew it, she would cry so hard that she passed out in the bathroom?

However, it had to be said that the man's extremely disgusting tone and expression made Lancy unhappy. The girl's mouth twisting. Women are easy to be satisfied.

It was quite right to dislike other women, so it was necessary to encourage it.

Hearing the words, Lancy thought of what she heard just now, and clutched the man's index finger. She felt so cold all over. "Acting? Jean, is there anything wrong? Is she our enemies? "

Hearing the word "enemy", even Lancy herself was stunned.

Hearing that, Marvin was shocked. Generally, people wouldn't use "enemy" to describe an opponent. Lancy was... A trace of resentment flashed in the man's eyes. He was targeting at Leona. How could that woman stitche things through easily? He was not cautious enough!

"She got close to me on purpose. She is as vicious as a snake." Marvin tried to explain it in a normal language to Lancy. It was not so bloody nor so gloomy.

What Lancy was implying was that his business competitor and had nothing to do with murder.

"I didn't expect that she would do that."

Lancy was so surprised. Did he mean that her boss was seduced by Jean? No, this is not the point. The point is, no matter what kind of game they are playing, it is not necessary for the boss to end up in person, is it?

With Marvin's ability, it's really unnecessary to perfunctorize such women.

However, Lancy didn't know that she was the key reason. She made Marvin have to condescend himself.

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