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   Chapter 280 Commit Suicide For Love

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"Marvin, don't go!" Jean was pushed away again and again. She was shy and childish. At present, the only thing she had to do was to keep him. Otherwise, she really couldn't explain it to her superiors.

Her white and tender arms were around the man's waist. Jean had to stay, even though she didn't know whether the bathrobe would fall or not!

The man who was trapped, endured it, his head was blue, and he had to deliver a series of self hypnosis to himself, he didn't receive training, he didn't know kung fu. He was just an ordinary man. He couldn't hit women!

That would be a joke!

For Marvin, there was only enemies and friends, not men and women!

He will not be merciful because you are a woman when he comes to practice!

Glen had been keeping his eyes on Marvin. He had told us that Jean was not so powerful.

Seeing Marvin was suppressed by Jean, Glen was thoughtful. It seems that he doesn't need to care about this man in the future.

Glen always wore a poker face. Whether he was happy or not didn't matter. Anyway, in the eyes of outsiders, he was very serious and unhappy now.

Since Leona left, there was no need for Glen to stay here. Then, it was time for him to see Jean.

"You two..." Glen recovered from the hard blow with disappointment and despair, "Jean, you've gone too far! Get dressed. Let's talk about it later. "

Kent was reluctant to leave but he shut the door as he went out.

Let's talk about it later What he said is really memorable, was it the "marriage" between Jean and him, or the "cooperation" between them?

This kind of thing was a very serious one! And it was reasonable that it would affect the cooperation.

Moreover, as things stood, it was Marvin who was in the wrong! Jean, no matter how seduce and how dissolute she was, Marvin should know what's important.

After all, he should not be in their house. It was a humiliation.

Since then, the hatred of killing the father and robbing the wife is the death knot.

Glen's resentment and disappointment are just right, but from the hatred of taking his wife, it is relatively flat. Again, it proved that he was in a bad relationship with Jean.

"Unauthorized people" left one after another. Jean didn't let go of him. She was happy and joyful.

Happily, the organization told her that it was finally done, and that it could be said clearly. What makes her happily was, this man, in the end, still has her in his heart, and finally keeps people.

Jean had forgotten that the man struggled to push her away. Anyway, the result was the most important.

Marvin closed his eyes to cover his struggling. He clenched his fists so hard that blue veins stood out on his temples. God knows how hard he tried. He didn't go after Lancy.

Lancy, Lancy... He was too afraid of losing her, so he couldn't show his weakness in front of Jean and Glen.

he couldn't die like this! "For a man? That's all you can do? "

Lancy was so scared that she even forgot to cry with her tears on her face.

Someone said behind her. If she was suffering from a low psychological endurance, she would even not need to jump, and she would probably fall down! The girl looked at Leona in horror.

After a long time, she finally realized that the person who spoke was Leona, and she also realized that Leona had been following her all the time.

Lancy had cried all the way, but she was exhausted. The brain that is not flexible now basically belongs to the state of shutdown.

Why was she here?

'what did I say just now?

Hearing that, Lancy could not stop sobbing. It was not until quite a while later that she regained her voice. "Who wants to commit suicide?" she asked

That was right. That was the point. She just said who wanted to commit suicide? The girl still cried and looked around. There was no one else? Or he had already jumped into the river?

Lancy stretched out her neck to check the river. There was no any waves yet. So no one should jump into the river, right?

Leona twitched her mouth. Is it right that she has expressed wrong feelings? "If you don't wanna commit suicide, why do you stand by?"

Hearing that, Leona walked to her angrily. Lancy was pulled directly to the edge of the dangerous area, far away from river.

Lancy was stunned for three seconds. Where was she?

Three seconds later, Lancy's face was covered with tears. She couldn't find the way home. What should she do?

Lancy turned her head. Speaking of going home, she thought of someone. What home? She didn't want to go home at all! Seriously!

"I don't know. How could I..." Lancy was a good girl. No matter how depressed she was, she explained subconsciously because she didn't want others to worry about her. After her explanation, Lancy came to her senses.

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