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   Chapter 279 Catch Adultery In Bed

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9741

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With Glen leading the way, this incident would be less complex, and Lancy would not need to be as reckless as a headless fly.

However, at the same time, Glen slowed down his pace. Lancy was always on the edge of extreme nervousness, and she was so anxious that she was like ants on a fire. While Glen was quite calm.

Lancy scratched her hair and it seemed that her heart was in her throat. She really wanted to beating Glen forward.

Although she wanted to urge Glen, she didn't... He was a bastard.

The girl wept, feeling that she would never love the world again.

When Glen and Lancy were walking side by side and approached their destination, he suddenly said to Lancy in a voice that only Lancy could hear, "You can consider my suggestion."

Once she pushed that door open, the hideousness would be revealed. If she agreed now, perhaps she would feel better in her heart.

With an expression of "I'm for your own good", Glen thought.

The girl was emotionless. Lancy didn't have any facial expressions and didn't want to talk to the psycho. A serious look was written on her face.

Lancy just looked like a kid instead of a married woman.

The girl was too straightforward to say anything. Everyone could guess what she was thinking.

Right outside of Jean's room, or, to be exact, it was the door of the main bedroom of Jean and Glen, and the person who led the way stopped.

This man, Glen, was so weird.

Looking at Lancy, he knew that she was suffering a lot and this was the normal response to "catch the devil".

As a man, the most intolerable thing for a man was his woman cheating on him, which was a kind of betrayal that could never be understood by women.

It was not only about feelings, but also about men's dignity.

But Glen was an outsider and he had never helped them. It seemed that all this had nothing to do with him: Jean was not his woman; she was just the woman who had sexes with all men in the world, but it had nothing to do with him.

At this point, Glen was still in the mood to joke. He tilted his head, pressed his lips and asked, "Have you decided?"

If she could, Lancy really wanted to blow her head up and fight against zombies with plants.

Not knowing what they were talking about, Leona speculated in her mind.

Obviously, the attitude of Glen toward Lancy was quite unexpected. It was true that he was buying time for Jean, and deliberately delayed Lancy's footsteps, but his performance in addition to this was really not as good as Jean's.

Even Lancy thought there was something wrong with Glen and Jean, and they were not like a fiancee at all.

It was extremely disadvantageous to finish the task.

During the mission, what mattered most was whether she liked it or not. Glen made such a stupid mistake. How much did he hate Jean?

Or, does Glen have his own plan?

Realizing this, the look in Leona's eyes changed again.

. As the old saying goes, it is true that a man with good fortune can't be trusted, so this pretentious man indeed deserves it.

What happened just now proved the saying!

Leona didn't think that Marvin would really fall in love with Jean. He cared about Lancy so much that Leona was just a "victim". To say the least, how could Marvin like Glen have a crush on a woman who even didn't like Kent.

So, there must be some reason for Marvin to have to deal with Jean.

It was probably a tacit agreement.

Leona smiled coldly, looking at Jean's performance, and this woman's attitude towards Marvin... Humph!

She could totally understand what was going on in Marvin's mind with her bare feet. He was so obsessed with Glen words that almost drove him crazy.

However, Leona didn't care about the fact that the gang had been betrayed by Jean, nor did she care about it.

She knew that she would be sold one year later.

If it was not Jean, it would be someone else.

Leona stepped forward and smiled, which shocked Marvin. "Mr. Marvin seems very busy. I have to excuse myself."

In fact, everyone knew what she was going to do.

"Stop!" If it were not because he didn't want to expose his power early, Marvin wouldn't have been imprisoned here by a little woman.

Because he knew something very important from Jean! She and Glen didn't know his real identity. They just treated him like a common man.

The only explanation was that Leona concealed part of him.

"What? Are you worried that I might do something bad to your wife?" Leona said sarcastically and raised her eyebrows slightly. "Compared with me, you are the one who really hurt him, right? Don't you? "

Before Marvin made any move, Leona left in a hurry.

Lancy might go somewhere as far as she could now! Leona didn't know why, but Leona was so worried that she wanted to catch up with Lancy.

Obviously, Leona was only willing to admit the former.

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