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   Chapter 278 Abnormal Glen

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That was how Lancy looked in Glen's eyes.

"Have you seen my boss?" Lancy asked all the people around her with the same question.

These people were all smart and sophisticated. They would never tell the truth to Lancy on their turf. Besides, Glen was here.

At this moment, Glen was not only the host of the banquet, but also the "fiance" of Jean. Are you going to answer her in front of Glen? By the way, your boss went to bed with a woman called Jean, and now he is in front of her fiance. You look anxious. You are not the only one who is cheating. That man is even more pathetic. Okay?

This was a more tragic situation for Glen.

This is the way of the world. If a man has a woman outside, it is romantic, if a woman has a man outside, it is to put a green hat on a man. It's natural to be embarrassed and wish he could soak it in a pigsty. This was the double standard since ancient times.

Besides, everyone had scruples about 'Marvin', not 'Lancy'. They were essentially different in some ways.

The person who was asked is just smiling, but there is not a positive answer to Lancy's question.

It seems that Lancy has lost her mind!

"Are you Mr. Marvin's wife?"

Hearing this, Lancy turned around. It was Glen.

Glen didn't feel others' sympathy for him as if he didn't know anything. He was an extraordinarily calm person.

However, when Glen looked at Landy and Leona, there was an imperceptible change in his eyes.

At the sight of him, Lancy was like seeing her savior. She rushed over to him, held his hand and asked Glen eagerly, "do you know where my boss is?"

The words she said remained the same.

Instead of answering her, Glen pointed at the crowd and said, "calm down. Everyone is looking at you."

Lancy froze for a second and then noticed the stares from people around her. She had a creepy feeling that she would be stared at by them! The girl felt both uneasy and uncomfortable.

"Mr. Glen, is he here?" Lancy wanted to get confirm that Marvin didn't come here. But everyone here looked at her in a weird way as if they had told her that he was here.

Glen stepped forward and got closer to Lancy. He dragged her into the dancing floor without any hesitation.

Everything seemed to run smoothly.

When the girl finally came to her senses, she looked at Glen blankly with her black eyes, as if she was asking him what had happened.

Glen didn't show any guilt. He replied calmly, "I don't want to give the chance to those who stand on ceremony to the advantage."

"Yes?" Lancy was adorable and could not help making a long sound.

Shocked, Glen looked away calmly. If he was as calm as he was, he would not act like this. "They are laughing at us."

Lancy was even more curious. "Us?"

What about us? When did she and Mr. Glen become us?

In the cold sight, there is a trace of ju

rstood that Mrs. Lancy must have vented her anger on her alone. Poor Glen, who had been turned into cannon fodder after being "cuckolded'.

Glen gave a snort and thought, 'this woman is really going too far.'.

Fortunately, Lancy was wearing flats.

Fortunately, in the end, Glen finally let her go.

Not because she was forced to act like a little girl, but because the time was almost up.

As soon as Glen loosened his grip, Lancy ran away from him as fast as she could.

With his hands in his pockets, Glen looked so casual. He was an elegant and mature man, which attracted a lot of women.

Of course, Lancy was not in.

Seeing that Lancy ran so fast like a rabbit, Glen didn't hesitate to follow her.

The strange thing was that although Glen walked very slowly, he caught up with Lancy actually in a short time.

The girl thought that she was stared by a pervert, so she quickly hid behind Leona, grabbed her clothes with her little hand, and looked at Glen timidly.

Lancy did all these actions in one go. Seeing this, Leona's mouth twitched slightly. She didn't say anything. This feeling was awkward.

Glen was also embarrassed.

Glen raised his head and looked at Lancy coldly. He contradicted, "I thought you were looking for Marvin. Do you know where he is?"

This was his home, and surely, Glen was the only person who was familiar with it.

At least, this was the case from the perspective of outsiders.

At the same time, Leona was looking at Glen with an unreadable look on her face.

Hearing that, Lancy looked around again, as if deep in thought. She knew that these people would never take her to see her boss. At the same time, Leona came here with her. And as she expected, Glen was her only hope.

Option one of these two options, "stay away from the psychopath" and "find boss", the girl chose the latter.

Glen didn't say anything about it.

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