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   Chapter 276 A Shameless Woman

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Luke wanted to tell the news about Leona to his master at the first time. However, Jean was always a persistent person. She never left Marvin's side.

Jean was going to dance with him, she made up her mind to entertain him, chat with him, drink with him... However, Glen was totally be neglected.

Fortunately, Glen didn't show any displeasure on this. Instead, he stood aside leisurely and watched the fight.

Then, is Jean really Glen's fiancee?

She shamelessly followed the married man in front of him. Was that really good? Many female compatriots cursed in their minds. They didn't know whether it was because of their dissatisfaction or because of jealousy.

It was obvious that the woman named Jean had fell down under the suit pants of Marvin. Look at her face full of obsession and her eyes full of fanaticism.

Many pairs of eyes were watching them "dating in pairs", watching that woman do all she can to seduce men, some with disdain, some with envy and hate.

These two people were undoubtedly the focus of everyone's attention, but, even the tiger would asleep sometimes, Marvin and Jean were gone suddenly.

In the world of adults, one man and one woman were gone in a halfway. Was there another kind of speculation? They just smiled without saying a word.

Jean supported drunken Marvin upstairs...

As for why they go upstairs? Ha ha, it was obvious. Everyone knew, didn't they?

Jean was very excited, hot-blooded, although she had been boasting in front of Leona all the time! But because the person was Marvin. Who could understand the unspeakable excitement when she really succeeded?

She felt like she finally had her prince charming back. At this moment, she seemed to have owned the whole world.

In all men's eyes, Marvin was the best in every aspect, including his height and figure.

Jean was not tall, a little shorter than Lancy. It was a physical work for her to help a man up the stairs. Luckily, she didn't exercise so hard. She was strong and having a good mood all over the world this moment. So she helped Marvin walk into the room.

She put the man on the bed straight and then ran into the bathroom. Soon came the sound of water.

She was really hurry! She was afraid that Marvin would wake up the next second and locked the door from inside.

What's the use of locking in from inside? Boss woke up. If he really want to leave, he would have to get some twist and go out?

Who is Jean afraid of?

And what Jean didn't know was that Marvin was not drunk at all! She rushed into the bathroom and took off all her clothes quickly. By the time, Marvin who was lying in bed, opened his eyes. He looked so cold that he was not drunk at all.

Marvin sat up in bed and looked down. He frowned and his body was full of the thick and tir

her men, as long as they were women, there was never such a thing as "peach blossom deal" or "seducing someone".

Since they had fought many times, even though Lancy had never mentioned it to him in person, Marvin could feel it by his heart.

Therefore, Marvin made a mistake! He thought the woman coming out from this group was different from others.

Therefore, whether it was Leona, or Jean, they all thought that they were trained by Lancy, and no matter what kind of method they used, they would never choose to "seduce".

It was very difficult to change the idea that had been formed for a long time.

But, Jean broke this rule and broke it in an extremely humiliating way.

Of course, the shame was on the basis of Jean understanding the present state of mind of Marvin at the moment, and of her real view of him.

At the same time, Marvin got an important message.

Jean was not subordinate to Lancy. There was no superfluous relationship between them, and it was more likely to be an internal competition.

It meant that once boss knew her intention, once she lost her value, Marvin would use the most cruel and cold-blooded way to receive her.

He knew clearly that not everyone could have the same treatment as Leona.

After the shock, Marvin calmed down at the speed of zero seconds. If you took a closer look, you would find that the indifference in his eyes was as cold as the ice.

And Jean knew nothing about it.

She only knew that her legs were trembling. She was excited, scared, and she was eager to know what was going on. When she was taking a bath, as soon as she thought of what would happen next, as soon as she thought that the person who possessed her was Marvin, the shy place was excited beyond her control.

It took a long time for Jean to calm down and then she had the strength to step out of the bathroom.

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