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   Chapter 274 Refuse To Meet Leona

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9856

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Because of the injury, Leona could only go to the front door. However, she never thought that she would be shut out by harmless Lancy.

She had to start from the day Marvin left.

However, when Lancy said that she wanted to have a good rest, she couldn't fall asleep anymore. She was lying on the bed, turning left and right! She stared at the ceiling.

Her limbs were sore and feeble, and she had no strength at all. She was sleepy to death, but her eyelids were still unable to close. Why?

The girl grabbed the pillow and wanted to roll on the floor, but her body condition didn't allow it! Now she could only lie straight and lie in a posture that could stare at the ceiling. It was also known as "a straight corpse".

The room was very quiet, and there was no one who could talk. It was easy to open the brain to think.

How could she feel so comfortable? She must be daydreaming.

The girl winked and somehow thought of the blessing from boss when he was leaving.

"Just stay at home. Don't think too much..."

Lancy felt warm in her heart when he heard those words, but now he felt there was something strange after thinking about it more clearly?

It turned out that no matter what kind of women were, they were all smart, sensitive and dull and had a sixth sense of love. Normally, they would have different resonance at a certain time.

Lancy didn't know how to explain, but felt a little strange.

However, Lancy was not a person who liked to guess correctly, so she didn't connect what Marvin had said to Jean.

Don't you know that her boss has promised her that he will never meet Jean again! Lancy smiled while holding her fist. In this girl's heart, Marvin, who had never cheated her, was a credible man!

But tonight was doomed to be an restless night.

There was someone who wanted to see haze, and he must see her at this moment!

When the butler told her that someone was looking for her outside, Lancy immediately asked who it was?

The advantage of the new era was that they didn't need to waste too much manpower and resources! Lancy had told servant not to bother her. She was so exhausted because she had missed the time for dinner! In this case, the effect of the phone had been evident.

No sooner had she received the message from the doorman than she answered it with a phone call.

He said it was Leona, a good friend of her.

Leona... Hearing that, Lancy frowned slightly. She had never expected that Leona would come to her so soon! The girl scratched her arm. She thought that their intersection was only second only to the "bet"?

The thought of it made the girl drop her head regretfully. She didn't realize that she had made a deal with her until now? She should have trusted her boss. How could she be fooled by Leona?

We could see that Lancy did not want to see Leona! No matter she was coward or weak, she just didn't want to see her.

Leona stood fo

t was impossible for Mrs. Wilson to show the photo to her directly, although she was eager to do that! But Mrs. Wilson was also worried that Sidney and Marvin would take revenge on her afterwards. And then they would find out what she was up to?

To tell the truth, Mrs. Wilson was afraid of Marvin. Sometimes she felt nervous to look at him.

Fortunately, Leona came at the right time and if something really happened, she was the one to blame for everything.

Reminded by Mrs. Lena, Mrs. Wilson remembered that the woman was brought in by Nina. Because of Nina, the best candidate to take the blame for Lancy's death must be Leona.

Mrs. Wilson looked at each other with mixed feelings. One looked awful, the other was indifferent. It was obvious that they had a knot in their hearts. On the one hand, Leona and Lancy couldn't even make peace with each other!

"Lancy, listen to me. Now, you are also the rightful successor of the Lan Clan. Why do you curl up at home every day? " Mrs. Wilson continued in an earnest manner, "you are supposed to entertain yourself with a man and see the world! Do you want to let your man take over Lan Group? Don't forget, Marvin last name is Lu, and your last name is LAN. They are totally different. "

Leona hadn't had time to speak, but was stunned.

How many husbands and wives are willing to "accompany" their wives' property to their wives' families, and how many people are worried about you and me, just to swallow their wives' business.

Leona heard what Mrs. Wilson said. She even "kindly" reminded Lancy that her surname was Lan and Marvin's surname was Lu. Did she want to prevent the Lan Group from being swallowed up by the Wilson Group? Did she need to be on guard against Marvin?

Who had ever seen such kind of people?

If it weren't for Mrs. Wilson, she would have rolled her eyes at you! If she didn't, then why did she try to persuade Marvin to annex the Lan Group? She must be crazy!

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