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   Chapter 271 I Want To Know The Truth

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Hearing this, Leona said coldly, "Aren't you afraid of being detected by others that you come to me?" 'Was she too confident, or too stupid?'

However, Leona felt that the person watching her behind seemed not to be here anymore. Was it because of Jean's luck?

Jean shook her hand indifferently and said confidently, "What are you afraid of? You are already close to Lancy, but you afraid that she will hit you! Did that woman really lose her memory? "

'What an idiot!'

Leona rolled her eyes in anger. She really didn't know how Jean had climbed to her present position! She was just like a brainless woman in terms of fighting skills. However, her skin and body were quite beautiful.

So, Leona was telling everyone in a disguised way that Jean had a successful career because of her beauty.

Jean didn't have any awareness of danger. She looked around and didn't feel that she was monitored. On the other hand, Jean did not think that an insignificant woman like Leona could cause a crisis of monitoring her to others. "Let me ask you a question. Do you really think that Lancy has lost her memory?"

"If she hadn't lost her memory, would you still be here today?" Leona couldn't help but cover her face when she thought of Jean's posture at the dinner yesterday.

She hadn't really cooperated with Jean, and this was her first time. Leona finally understood why others always were so disdainful when mentioning Jean.

'What a bitch she is!'.

Jean's face suddenly turned red. She remembered that Lancy used to hate women who fell down to destruction! To fulfill a task, one had not to sacrifice her appearance.

Therefore, many people wanted to follow Lancy because only when she took them could they protect themselves.

But there were always some women who were dissolute and never cared about the sex.

Many women nowadays, some of them were self-restraint, and some of them promoted the idea of "sex with men and... A one night stand", which was just to look at each other in the eye; of course, many of them hated men and hated men.

And Jean was an exception! She wasn't talented enough; she wasn't smart; she wasn't skilled. As what Leona had said, she could only rely on her beauty and body.

Especially when in the mission, no matter the person was beautiful or ugly, if the person was a man, she would always choose to seduce.

As a result, women like her were most afraid of being looked down upon by others, and more importantly, they despised those who thought themselves to be pure minded.

She knew that at that time, even though Lancy did not like her, she did not care about that!

"You!" Jean was so angry that she wanted to tear up Leona's calm face, 'This woman is really the same as Lancy at that time.'. "Well, since she has lost her memory, what are you afraid of? She is a traitor, and now she fight alone. Why are you afraid? Does she send people to spy on me? "

Lancy acted so directly yesterday! 'She is not that sort of woman who is good at playing tricks... ' 'That's all for now. I will w

ediently. She knew that Marvin wanted to make money to support the family!

Moreover, Marvin had troubled her the whole night last night. She would be sleeping for only three days and three nights without anyone disturbing her!

Watching the man leave, Lancy waved her handkerchief and couldn't wait to rush to the big soft bed.

Jean's well arranged party was in the villa where she and Glen lived currently. Yes, it was impossible to invite influential people in s city without paying a price.

It was easier to say than to say. If they were in the most famous hotel in the city, the "VIPs" wouldn't have been here.

Everyone in the upper class had their own rules about their actions.

Everyone in Alaska had never heard of Glen and Jean's names. However, they had heard of that coal mine! 'I didn't know that M Coal Mine has changed its owner. Is that true?' They wondered.

Everyone in the upper class had their own information channels, but no one had heard any news. Their first reaction was that they didn't believe it. When they knew that the Marvin was also invited, and that they were important partners of the Wilson Group, they came.

It seemed that the cooperation between the two clans hadn't been completely carried out yet! These guests' eyes lit up and were wondering if they could take this opportunity to get a share of the wine, because almost all the people who received the invitation came.

Before Marvin appeared, everyone was in a wait-and-see state! He had been reserved when he confronted with Jean and Glen. Everyone was a master of Taiji.

Finally, the presence of Mr. Marvin relieved the onlookers, which at least proved that the identities of Glen and Jean were real.

Therefore, the guests looked at them warmly.

However, these people were not important to Jean at all. At the moment, in her eyes, there was only Marvin.

As soon as Marvin came in, he looked at Jean. It seemed to be a tacit agreement, but in fact, it was not a so beautiful misunderstanding, at least for Jean.

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