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   Chapter 269 th What Was Jean's Trick

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"……" Freda bit the silver fork gently. Lancy can cook. Is she good at cooking? She didn't know at all. Her brother was too possessive. He had to hide all these things?

Well, if she have a chance, she must try Lancy's cooking.

With his head tilted and his cold eyes fixed on Lancy, Glen was a little surprised. "I didn't expect that Mrs. Lancy can do cooking, Mr. Marvin is so lucky to have such a wonderful wife."

Lancy, who was praised, had pink cheeks and a small face as big as a palm. She was almost buried in the ceramic bowl. Oh, she was so thin skinned that Glen praised her like this!

…… The person who can usually say such words, is definitely a shameless type.

Jean was totally in a bad mood. What's going on now? Is the key point of how delicious the vegetables are? Is good cooking the key? Is cooking the point?

Didn't anyone think that this woman's behavior of "grabbing food" was very impolite, careful, tasteless and unreasonable? What's wrong with men in this world? Is it mysterious?

Jean automatically ignored Freda and Leona who were not as beautiful and smart as she was.

She was the queen who should be pursued. As a result, all the limelight was taken away by Lancy. What's the hell? Did he say that he would take care of her?

Now, Marvin didn't even look at her. All his thoughts were on Lancy! Jean was so angry.

Calm down, calm down, Jean thought must calm down. We can't eat hot tofu when she is in a hurry. The final victory is the plan that takes a panoramic view of the whole situation! Let her be proud for the time being!

The party finally finished eating. Originally, Benson had arranged the following programs, but now Mrs. Lancy and Miss Freda were here. How could those programs be played?

He must be chopped to death!

Therefore, Benson shut up and didn't mention it. Therefore, everyone's next schedule is to go back to each home.

Jean got on the car reluctantly and watched Marvin and Lancy leave together. She glanced at Glen discontentedly and raised her tone by at least three scales. There was no tenderness at the table.

"Why didn't you help me just now?" Jean questioned in a bad tone, fought with Lancy and Freda, and was also on guard against Leona. She almost collapsed, showing her true colors, OK? What else did Glen do besides talking to a few people? Is he dead? If he help her, he will die?

The two sat side by side in a tone. The driver in front of them was smart enough not to say a word and pretended not to hear anything.

Glen frowned, but in fact, he disliked that Jean was too noisy. He had seen the true face of this woman and how fast she changed her face. Therefore, no matter how bad Jean looked, he would not be interested in such a woman.

"You said you don't need me to get in the way." Glen leaned against the back of the chair lazily, his long legs overlapped, and the cold voice echoed in the car.

"You!" Jean was so angry that she couldn't bear

cy was totally in a bad mood. Her fingers trembled and pointed at Marvin. What kind of male god, what kind of BOSS, all became clouds. He actually smiled, smiled... What did he mean? Ah, ah, ah, she almost caught his adultery, and he even laughed!

The man's magnetic smile, from light to deep, was only a light smile at first, but in the end it could no longer be stopped, and his strong chest rose and fell, which was never arrogant and wanton.

"You, you, you, what are you laughing at?" Is there anything funny that she said? Lancy doubted herself and soon calmed down. She was questioning, full of confidence! "What do you think of her?"

Sitting along the bed string, Marvin unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt and said, "what do you think? Is she beautiful, feminine or charming? "

Lancy's heart almost jumped out. She would never admit that she was nervous. She looked straight at Marvin with her sister's eyes. Why did he stop and continue to say, what do you think of Jean?

Marvin smiled more intensely and teased Lancy, "From the aesthetic point of view of ordinary men, she should be good, shouldn't she?"

A thunderbolt...

Getting the answer from the BOSS, Lancy's eyes immediately turned red. Should she be good? That's right for the standard of Marvin. That's what the average person said to be super good level.

"Where is good?" Lancy screamed, the most real reaction. "Breast?"

Lancy lowered her head reflexively and looked at her own. It was also very good, and the curve was also good. It was not big or small, just right! It doesn't look like a big Ben. It's easy to droop!

So, Lancy, big breasts and small breasts, is that really the point? Focus, right?

Marvin was stunned. When he saw Lancy again, Lancy lowered her head and looked at herself. He could no longer control himself. He looked up at the sky and roared, "Lancy, you are so cute."

Cute? Lancy was angry and shouted, "it's not cute at all. It's so hateful!"

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