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   Chapter 268 th The Arrival Of Lancy

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All of a sudden, she had a brainwave and murmured, "yes, I'm his wife, yes."

Lancy took a deep look at Jean and then flung her arms around Marvin's neck. Of course, this force is relatively "light" for Marvin.

Lancy's cool pink lips came up like this. Marvin opened his eyes in surprise and looked at the face close to him. Even the eyelashes were clear. The man only felt a pain on his lips, she bit him!

At that time, the girl was fearless, maybe she was declaring her sovereignty, or venting her anger, or both.

During this period of time, all the grievances burst out in an instant, and all the guesses and anxieties were poured into this kiss. Lancy was like a drowning person, and Marvin, the only floating wood in the world, could she survive only by grabbing him.

He is hers, completely belong to her!

Lancy was frightened by such an idea. Her possessiveness of Marvin was like a beast. This was the first time that she realized how much she cared about this man!

All the women who wanted to take him away should die!

Lancy's pupils suddenly dilated. How could she be so terrible and have such a vicious idea? She immediately released Marvin, but the next second, she was pulled back by the man, and then deepened the kiss!

No matter who came first or who came later, the two of them were flirting with each other in full view of the public!

Marvin is going crazy, really!

This was the first time that Lancy showed her care and jealousy. It was also the first time that he felt her most direct feeling for him.

From the reunion to the marriage of the two, it was not that Lancy didn't care about him, didn't love him, it was not that the two were not happy! But Marvin just felt that there was something missing, and that little bit had always been ignored by him.

At this moment, Marvin realized that he was eager for Lancy's response! Just like now...

It is said that the woman in love is the real woman, so is the man. In love, the man also has consciousness and needs.

For a long time, Marvin restrained himself because even he didn't know what the real him would do!

Marvin grabbed Lancy's shoulder. He was the only driftwood for Lancy, and she was his driftwood too!

Lancy would be anxious, so did he!

Leona, Jean, Glen... Marvin didn't know how many such people would appear in the future, and how many people would want to take Lancy away from him. He would never let them get what they wanted, absolutely not!

The man's strength was getting stronger and stronger. Lancy frowned in pain. When she was about to suffocate, he finally let go of her!

Lancy opened her eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air. The accumulated emotio

It turned out that she were usually very friendly to people. Jean was just an exception. "My name is Lancy, and I am the wife of Marvin."

Glen was almost at loss. But he quickly reacted. He stood up and reached out his right hand. "Hello, I am Glen. Nice to meet you."

Lancy kept her smile and was as obedient as a kitten, not as aggressive as when she came in just now.

Jean had never seen such a Lancy before.

She was unimaginably harmless.

There seemed to be a glimmer of light in Glen's eyes that ordinary people couldn't detect.

During the whole night, some people were in a complicated mood, such as Jean and Glen! They would had a good dinner.

Jean tried to get close to Marvin many times. She was either ignored by Lancy or mocked by Freda. If she hadn't been next to Marvin in the beginning, she would have been squeezed out of this benefit!

"Marvin, this is delicious. Have a taste!" Jean was frustrated, but still hopeful. If she behaved decent although Lancy wanted to make her embarrassed, each man would know who is the best in comparison.

As soon as the green vegetables fell into the bowl of Marvin, the chopsticks of Lancy appeared. Without saying anything, she ate them.

"It's just so so. I can do it better." With a serious look on her face, Lancy seemed to tell everyone that she was just stating a fact, not responding to Jean's action.

Marvin raised his eyebrows and thought about the few times that Lancy had cooked. He nodded his head as if it was true and agreed, "that's true."

If the two children were here, Ray would express his agreement seriously. And Rani would burst into tears in silence. 'Maybe we just have different tastes.' It's a pity that they are Mommy, daddy and brother. She is a good baby. Well, she won't dislike them.

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