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   Chapter 267 th Catching Adultery In Anger

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The men were fighting, but Jean seemed to ignore it.

At this moment, she completely forgot the "quick decision" and subconsciously chose to tease Marvin, gave Lancy a fatal blow, and then took her back to the organization.

There was no doubt that Jean was ruthless. She wanted to destroy Lancy's life!

To be honest, Jean didn't understand. The person hated Lancy so much that she sent people to look for Lancy all the time. Why didn't she give a kill order? Is was difficult to kill a woman with two children for six years?

Why did he have to take her back to the organization? If Jean could do it right, she believed that the woman had died one hundred times.

Jean didn't know that the person wanted to give a killing order. She just didn't dare to give the order openly! In the past six years, she had hinted at her subordinates secretly, but she was dodged by Lancy every time. God knows, she was definitely the one who didn't want Lancy to live in this world!

It could only be said that fate made Lancy live to now.

Jean complained in her heart, with a hint of disdain and resentment towards Lancy between her eyes and eyebrows. 'Humph, it's possible to 'do what I want' as long as I have a good plan.'

Glen observed Jean quietly, with different thoughts hidden in his eyes.

Marvin's eyes darkened, but he stared at Jean undisguised. Was this a way to let it go?

Not to mention, Jean, who had drunk a few mouthfuls of wine, was now in a bad mood. Her cheeks were as red as peaches and plums, which was very beautiful! Jean's watery eyes were shy and charming. As soon as she met the man's eyes, she was like a frightened rabbit, flustered and stirred the man's heart.

Of course, Marvin were not included in the itchy men.

Just looking at the strength of Marvin to keep an eye on people, and there was no fluctuation in his calm and deep eyes, which was in sharp contrast to the fierce swallowing of Benson.

However, in the eyes of others, such a Marvin was almost the same as Benson, who was fascinated by beauty.

Glen snorted with disdain and a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes.

Jean said angrily, "don't look at others like this!"

'Ha-ha, Jean, do you still remember that your fiance is around you, flirting with other men in front of others, really good?'

Benson's soul had long been taken away by a woman's "ditch". Seeing her amorous feelings again, he was shocked. It was the first time for Benson to see such a woman.

All of a sudden, Benson felt that the first Bradley of his life was in vain.

Marvin continued to keep his eyes fixed. Jean's face was Bonnie and she staggered to her feet. "Mr. Marvin, I'll pour you wine..."

A beauty who is drunk has a different taste.

Especially because of the little drunkenness and unsteady steps, she threw herself into the arms "accidentally"

This time, she didn't forget to throw it in her fiance's arms, but the raw one fell in the arms of Marvin, who ha

n in the organization! She was just a traitor, a traitor who was killed by someone!

Jean's smile changed from casual to stiff, all because the other party did not take over.

What's going on? Lancy, do you recognize her? Jean was getting more and more nervous. She suddenly felt that she was too complacent. Why was she sure that Lancy had lost her memory in the beginning? Somehow, Jean thought of what she had done, and the piercing cold came out from the bottom of her feet.

The hand was still in the air.

The corner of Leona's lips was slightly raised. Obviously, she could probably guess the psychological activity of Jean. The irony in her eyes was so obvious, and so was her, Miss Jean.

Jean bit her lower lip. Because of the existence of Leona, her sarcasm was extremely embarrassing.

"Mrs. Lancy?"

Lancy has never hated a person, whether it is Nana or Aaron, or even the woman who appeared before, never!

However, the woman in front of her was ambitious. At first glance, she was a woman with a bad intention to her boss. The deep disgust was born from the bottom of her heart.

It's called, Jean, isn't it?

Jean and Lancy secretly complained that they were obviously demons!

"Here you are." The mellow voice of the man echoed in his ear, and the soft peak was held in his hand like this. The woman's hand was a little cold, and Marvin's eyebrows slightly frowned.

Lancy was a little stunned and stared at Marvin. Marvin was still cold and concerned, as if it was the same as usual.

"Mrs. Lancy, you seem to recognize me?" Jean smiled and took back her hand. The so-called "recognize life" was cute when it was put on ordinary people, but if the wife of the boss was a lady from the upper class, "recognize life" was like a small family.

Lancy turned to look at Jean. Jean's pretty face was more gorgeous than peach blossom. Looking down, the white, tender and turbulent "rabbit" was about to appear. The girl looked at Marvin again

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