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   Chapter 265 Meeting In The Hotel

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Under the clothes, behind the man's back, were all red claw marks.

After this night, Freda was already in his bag and the one who was destined... No, even if it wasn't last night, Carl never thought of letting go.

Freda is his, only his!

Carl shook his head, and there was an expression of satisfaction in his eyes that could not be hidden!

Freda, who was speeding away with a convertible, shivered and didn't explain why it was so creepy!

"Freda, are you cold?" Lancy also trembled, and the speed was very fast. The hair of the two people was "windy and dark clouds", and their eyes were full of hair.

Freda was fine. In order to leave the "crime scene" as soon as possible, her hair was coiled up early.

Of the two, of course, she was not included.

How could Freda be cold? She was so hot that she was about to explode! Ah ah, don't think about it. Last night, it was impossible for her to take the initiative, absolutely!

After a long period of psychological construction and self hypnosis, Miss Freda looked at the woman in the back seat through the rearview mirror. "Why is she in my car?"

In the back seat, Leona smiled gracefully, leaving the opportunity to explain to Lancy.

Lancy shrank her neck and stammered, "we know each other..."

In fact, the girl meant that they had known each other, but she didn't remember it!

As planned by Leona, with Lancy's current IQ, it really made sense for her to follow Lancy because of the bet.

What Freda understood was that Lancy met her at the banquet that day and was introduced by Nina.

Freda is not Lancy. Even if she doesn't remember it at the first time, it doesn't mean that she will forget it forever. She rolled her eyes angrily and said, "by your standards, you know the whole circle of people! Don't tell me you want to be friends with her? "

Lancy lowered her head.

Just listen to the sudden sound of sudden brake to cut through the car, and the tire left a deep trace on the road.

Lancy covered her ears with both hands, and her eardrum was broken!

The car suddenly stopped at the side of the road. Fortunately, Freda was still rational. "Are you okay? Are you really going to make friends with her? Or have you become friends? "

Freda's upbringing never allowed her to reveal her shortcomings in person, unless under certain circumstances, such as now.

Lancy shrank back in fear and said weakly, "so what? Strictly speaking, maybe, maybe, barely can be regarded as a friend?"

This is a question. Lancy still remembered that she almost died in the hands of Leona. She was a little stupid, not lack of heart! In her opinion, Lancy would not be willing to make friends with her if it was not for her vague guess that Lancy had something to do with her past.

Then, the question seemed to be taken away by the wind. It became a statement for some reason in the ears of Freda and Leona.

It was as if the stupid girl should have said, "well, she and

astened her seat belt and looked straight ahead.

"To the hotel!"

Lancy's lips pressed into a line, which looked serious. People who didn't know thought that the world was about to end! Especially for a sunny girl like Lancy, the painting style was obviously wrong.

Both Freda and Leona understand what she mean. They are going to run back to catch adultery!

Freda swallowed and suddenly felt that Lancy, who was silent and grim faced, was so terrible.

The car drove into the lane again. There was no flying car in Freda this way. It was slow and steady all the way... Ahem, yes, it was right. It was indeed "slow and steady".

If Freda didn't see that Lancy was about to explode, she really wanted to return Lu mansion in dark.

As Freda started, she looked at Lancy secretly. She was not as lively as she used to be, nor as stupid as she always was. Lancy was incredibly calm on the surface.

Her face was as cold as water, like a bright new moon in the sky, which was born with ice! A trace of doubt flashed through Freda's eyes. If it wasn't for this familiar face, she would not have recognized it as her simple and stupid sister-in-law!

Did women change so much when they were in a marriage crisis?

Of course, the four words "marriage crisis" are indeed a little serious. Now things are not clear, and Freda is just confused. In fact, Lancy's painting style is in two extremes. What's more strange is that after watching it for a long time, it doesn't seem to contradict at all.

Freda held the steering wheel tightly. Maybe it was her illusion?

In the back seat, Leona has expression of "this should be the case" and "used to it" made her more certain that the most effective and the only way to restore her memory was to stimulate Lancy desperately.

Freda silently lit wax for his brother. Such a Lancy really looked like when Marvin was angry! It was Freda who was criticized before. It turned out that his brother also had such a day!

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