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   Chapter 264 st Mantis Catches Cicadas

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"I didn't expect Mr. Marvin to be so considerate!" With her beautiful eyes rolling, Jean's fingertips gently slid across Marvin's arm, teasing him. "Well, let's talk about it 'slowly' in the evening."

Everyone knew the adult world.

Benson looked askance at Marvin, but Marvin didn't refuse her.

Jean's smile became more and more brilliant. She left with Glen in his arms in a triumphant manner.

Of course, Benson had to see them off in person. After the office was silent, Marvin still smiled lightly, but his smile was very cold.

"Luke, are you sure it's her?"

Luke still appeared in front of Marvin mysteriously. From the moment Glen and Jean stepped into the grade floor, Glen and Jean had been monitored by countless monitoring devices.

In particular, Jean was monitored with a three hundred and sixty degree identification, they would not miss any angle of view.

Combined with the image of another woman captured at Leona's residence when Luke was tracking Leona that day, it overlapped and recognized that it was Jean. In the process of identification, Luke kept his eyes fixed until the answer that was one hundred percent consistent with the instrument was about to come out.

"It's her. That's right." When Luke reported the result, he couldn't help turning his face away at the thought of what Jean looked like. According to his understanding of Marvin, the reason why Marvin unexpectedly catered to her just now was probably because of something.

Marvin half squinted. If the woman named Jean was with Leona, would it mean that Glen was also? For the sake of Lancy, those people over there put a lot of effort!

"Luke, go and investigate the change of the owner of the coal mine." Marvin's fingertips were beating on the glass, indicating his unpredictable mind.

Whether it is the real "change of owner" or "substitute", it has to be said.

Luke didn't look sideways and nodded slightly. He knew the seriousness of the matter without Marvin's order. In the coal industry, money comes quickly and is also used to burn money. The investment is absolutely 1/4 of the current industry of the group.

If something really went wrong, it would be a big blow to the Wilson Group! Because of this, from the perspective of Wilson Group's interests, Glen could not be offended before things were clear.

'The problem now is the authenticity of Glen's identity!

Is he in the same group with Jean, or is he also one of the people being used?'

At this moment, Marvin's brain was playing back. From the time when Glen and Jean came in, the interaction between the two, the tone of their words, and the small movements that they thought they had done very secretly are all in detail.

Someone once said that Marvin's brain was more like a super computer, and the accuracy would make everyone shocked. Unfortunately, he only wanted to remember what he wanted to remember, and what he wanted to know. Marvin was just so capricious.

To be honest, Marvin didn't think that Glen would be easily fooled by Jean. He also didn't seem to fall in love with her at all, because the former was the most likely.

'However, it

l, and Lancy, who was uneasy and afraid of the fire from Marvin, Lancy was also confused and forgot.

However, it was not difficult for Leona to witness the whole process of how Lancy was fooled.

Is this woman really stupid or not? People with eyes can see the guilty look of Freda, but she was dealt with in a few words.

It was hard to tell whether Leona was disappointed or not. Looking at Lancy's eyes, there was three parts of sadness hidden in her indifference, as if Leona was recalling something and feeling sad for why.

At that time, how proud and excellent she was! Now, she was so stupid that she didn't even have the most basic common sense and the most basic ability to see people's faces. Was this still her?

Growing up together with "she", Leona watched her climb up step by step with difficulty, watched her finally stand at the top of the Pyramid, and looked at her over ten thousand people. If possible, Leona really didn't want to admit that the "single stupid" woman in front of her was the one in her memory.

Even if they had the same face.

Leona flashed and soon followed. Now, she has the opportunity to stand by Lancy's side openly, there is no reason to let it go, isn't there?

After the three left, the door of the box was opened again.

The man lazily leaned on the edge of the door, revealing a healthy color of his chest. If you look carefully, you will find that the shirt has no buttons, and there are still traces of being torn off. Isn't this man Carl who danced in the wing room last night!

Compared with the neatly dressed Freda, Carl looked unhappy and sleepless. He looked at the direction in which Freda left and touched his face. It turned out that he was so shameful?

Carl felt deeply that he was hurt, and his self-esteem was hurt the most severely!

But it doesn't matter. Carl generously said that the prime minister could support the ship in his stomach. He forgave her this time! Recalling the hot night, Carl lifted up his clothes. Because of this action, he suddenly hissed and muttered, "Little girl, you are still strong!"

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