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   Chapter 263 Making A Bet

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What should I do? Well...

Hearing this, Lancy sniffed and raised her chin proudly. "No, my boss won't do this to me! I don't know why you told me that. I don't believe you at all! "

WOW! Lancy returned to her senses! Congratulations!

After a long silence, Leona smiled and said, "it's up to you whether to believe it or not. I know something for you! All right. Let's make a bet. "

After five seconds, Lancy rubbed her nose and asked, "for what?"

"Let's bet on your boss, Marvin." Thinking of this, Leona turned around and smiled lightly, which finally helped her find a breakthrough. "If he's out there alone, I won't pester you; if he has someone outside, you'll have to promise me one thing."

Lancy continued to be dull. Her watery eyes blinked brightly due to her tears. After thinking for a while, she nodded heavily and said, "Okay, I bet with you!"

Look, how much Lancy trusts Marvin.

However, after a series of conflicts, they were even gambling with others. Was that really good? Shouldn't they be cut off from each other forever?

Fortunately, Ray and Rani weren't with Lancy. Otherwise, Leona wouldn't have been so easily came to Lancy directly.

Of course.

Marvin couldn't help but smile when he saw Leona who was with Lancy. This woman was more daring than he imagined!

No one knew what made her so confident? Is it because of her friendship with Lancy that she firmly believes that Marvin won't do anything to her?

That would be all for later.

Right now, our boss is in trouble!

This had to start with the company's largest profit project. Wilson Group was a powerful enterprise that had expanded in all walks of life. Among it, some often had cooperation with state-owned enterprises. It wasn't important that it engaged in big projects as long as it could make money.

It was well known that the most popular thing these years was property speculation. These years, the official said the housing price would fall, but never fell. Therefore, people ignored the big projects that made money in the early years.

Coal mine was a road to wealth for decades. Everyone was targeted at a regular "coal mine worker". However, with the development of new industries, most of the coal mines have closed down in the impression of people, which seems to be disappearing in people's sight.

It looked lonely. But in fact? This thing was just like the gap between the rich and the poor. The richer they were, the richer they were. It had become a "cleaner" for other people.

In general, it was still making money in the coal mine. Just to see if you have a way.

There always has ways. But recently, the boss of the mine changed. That was to say, the little fish was swallowed by the big fish, and the bigger fish was swallowed by the bigger fish! Of course, they had to negotiate with each other again for the cooperation. The other party sent a director over, and as the boss, Marvin naturally had to corporate with on

at Jean's delicate side face and the turbulent waves. Then he felt relieved. In the end, he is a man, especially when he meet such a sexy lady.

Benson had met Lancy before. But Lancy and Jean were two opposite kinds of people.

Jean was delighted at the moment. She came to the side of Marvin in a coquettish posture, with a hand like silk holding Glen and Marvin's hands, and holding the two of them together, she said in a girlish voice, "from now on, we have a pleasant cooperation."

Marvin gave Jean a meaningful look and said in a meaningful tone, "wish us a pleasant cooperation..."

Glen raised his eyebrows and smiled. There was a contempt in his eyes!

In less than five seconds, Glen embraced each other and then Moore released his hand. He thought that he had secretly dodged Jean's hand. This was not what a fiancee would do.

A trace of embarrassment flashed in Jean's eyes, but soon it was replaced by complacency! Glen had never been so insensible to others' feelings, unlike Marvin... Jean licked her lips and gazed at Marvin, as if the next second she would be together with him.

Lancy's man must have a special feeling?

Jean was so frivolous, as if Marvin was already something in her pocket, and she didn't care about her "fiance". Fortunately, there are so many people like this.

If he didn't have scruples, Glen wouldn't have hidden his dislike of Jean.

This woman is also divided into three to nine grades. As Jean... Well, in Glen's heart, she was the worst, even though she was enchanting and glamorous.

All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in Benson's mind. With a flattering smile, he said, "the Eiffel Hotel has been booked. Please do come with me. How about our cooperation? We can talk while eating. "

"Cooperation, talk slowly, don't worry." Glen looked at Marvin slowly and calmly. "But since Mr. Marvin came to welcome us, of course we should come."

He meant that the cooperation needed to be deal with slowly.

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