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   Chapter 260 Again, Carl

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One, one, one... What about the other people?

Leaning against the soft sofa, the girl counted with her thumb between her hands, and found that the man didn't look like a boy. First of all, his height was not right. Where was her little boy? What about the little cute boy? Are they going to come in batches?

"Freda, where is my little cute boy? Have you forgotten to order?" Without turning back, Lancy fixed her eyes on the door to avoid eye contact with the Freda.

Huh, little handsome boy? With a fake smile, Freda said through gritted teeth, "I don't think you look like a patient handsome man."

Hearing that, Lancy turned around. She took a closer look at the handsome man! "Hey, isn't this that cowherd? He has changed to a new company? "

As soon as Lancy was finished, a smile spread across the Freda' face. Meanwhile, Carl's face darkened at once.

"I am not a cowherd!" Carl narrowed his eyes dangerously. His man were so smart and they had seen Leila once, Carl didn't know that Freda came to the night club again. But it was still dark outside, so they were anxious to find a man to detox her... Carl was so furious that he almost passed out!

"Oh," Lancy replied. She was not the little handsome boy. She was a little spiritless, not passionate. Her passion had been used up just now when she was expecting.

Just like a deflated ball, now in the eyes of Carl, he didn't know whether to cry or to laugh!

The hostess of the Lu Clan was really a nuisance! Can you still listen to me?

"Don't tell me this is also your club." It's not strange that Freda pull a long face! Her beautiful eyes were filled with anger and complaint? What's wrong with this?

Leaning against the sofa lazily, Carl looked so charming that people on the scene couldn't take their eyes off him. Perhaps it was because of the dim light inside the room.

"This, indeed, is mine."

However, Carl didn't hide, especially in front of Freda.

Since Freda was still angry, he sighed and asked, "are you here to see dance this time?"

As an unmarried girl, Freda felt ashamed when she was asked by a man in such a straightforward way. However, Lancy kept nodding her head with an expression of 'yes, yes'. She said, "that's right. You didn't dance last time."

The girl pouted and complained.

"……" Carl, one of the guests invited, curled his lips and said helplessly, "does Mr. Marvin know that you are here?"

It sounded euphemistic. In fact, what Carl wanted to say was that you were so eager to come to the night club to watch a sexy dance and even asked a cute boy. Did your man know that?

Meanwhile, Freda calmed down. She thought, he came just in time. How long has it bee

find my brother?"

Her intimate touch made Carl shiver. His eyes grew darker and darker. Trying to stay calm, he hummed hoarsely, "yes. He was in the Lucas three days ago."

What Carl didn't say was that although Myron looked fine, he looked quite different now. He used to be gentle and elegant, but now he looked a bit ruthless. The viciousness on his face was hard to deceive.

And there was always a man with him.

That man was really something! It took them a long time to find out where Myron was. That person had played an important role!

There was another thing that Carl didn't tell her! They got the news yesterday that Myron had come back. The reason why Carl didn't tell Freda the truth was because he thought the whole thing was weird and he was investigating it. But he didn't expect that the girl came to him.

"Lucas?" 'is he still abroad? "How is Myron?"

"Not bad." However, there was only one premise, which was not bad.

A sigh of relief, Freda replied, "Maybe, that message was just said by Myron " In a low voice, Freda couldn't escape Carl's ears.

Carl thin lips micro min, have the heart to ask a sentence, but at last nothing said. "He should be back soon."

"Really?" Fredas' eyes brightened and the flames from them blurred Carl's eyes. "Will Myron come back soon? No, how do you know? "

Carl licked his lips and fixed his fiery eyes on her pink and tender lips. The restless man became more unbridled, trying to keep calm. After a while, he replied with some sanity, "well, I guessed it."

Freda was embarrassed for a moment. Guess, is it from the journey of Myron? That's also possible. The schedule is also under investigation. Maybe, it's just that she thinks more about it. Look, Myron, if he has figured it out, he decided to come back.

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