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   Chapter 259 A Lunatic In Silence

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9398

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Therefore, no one from the Lu Clan paid any attention to the news that Lancy was pregnant. Instead, rumors about her infertility were spread secretly.

Lancy was indifferent to all this and she didn't want to know either.

Now she only knew that she was very depressed.

Now, since Ray and Rani weren't with her, she couldn't tell Marvin. Therefore, she made a quick roll and aimed at our little Freda.

Recently, because of worrying about Myron, Freda had been in a bad mood. When the two girls were together, they felt the same feeling.

This time, without Lancy's hard work, Freda accompanied Lancy all the way.

However, where could they be "vent" and "crazy"? That was a problem.

Anyway, they wanted to do crazy things. Clenching her fists, Lancy yelled, "I want to drink! I want to eat meat! I'm going crazy!"

So, eating meat?

Meanwhile, Freda nodded her head constantly and looked at the man with her starry eyes. Two words appeared in her mind -- 'night club', by the way, does she think about the last dance!

The two girls were smart enough to change the place and drove especially to the nearby city - Ling City. She wanted to say, in this way, she wouldn't need to meet some familiar friends?

All of the above are personal thoughts of Freda. For Lancy, it doesn't matter where to go, as long as it's fun.

They got there proudly. The night club in Ling city seemed to be as good as that in Alaska. The decoration and service offered by Ling City was so unique that it attracted the attention of men and women!

"Yes, so good." Lancy touched her chin and looked around the handsome boy at the bar counter with her eyes. Yes, he was handsome, but he was a little inferior to her boss.

Boss, you must stay away from me today. I won't miss you! '! Just think of him. These days, the troubles have come out again, and even the beautiful mood will become gloomy. So, from this moment on, there is no boss, no past, no guns, ammunition and other dangerous goods. She is here to play, eh...

Boss who was in the meeting suddenly frowned. There was an inexplicable feeling that all the people in the meeting held their breath. They did not dare to breathe until they knew that boss waved his hand. Then they began to report the work in tremble.

However, Marvin didn't know that his wife was having fun in a night club!

It was a nice night club because it was opened in the afternoon and few customers were in it. For Lancy and Freda. There's no "competitor", which is a big feast for the eyes.

"Freda, can we begin to measure the time now?" Urged the boring girl. When she was unhappy, she could be quiet! The more intense they were, the more lively Lancy became. She was the most classic.

Freda looked around, but she also felt annoyed. So she could understand what wa

ven have the chance to fight for the love. Freda just want to find him as soon as possible.

Freda was high in fighting spirit.

"It's so hard work," Lancy prayed for Myron in her mind. Compared with her boss who went home on time everyday, Myron was full of hardships.

"Yeah, that's right." Luckily, Lancy was as simple as before. "By the way, why hasn't they come here yet?"

The moment she finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

Lancy and Freda, who were depressed a moment ago, craned their necks immediately to look at the door of the private room from time to time, showing excellent demeanor.

Women never wanted to lose face in front of handsome men, and little beauties were no exception.

The two girls were calm on the surface, but the joy in their eyes was about to emerge. How exactly was the little handsome boy? A soft and obedient feeling was what Lancy needed right now. Clenching her fist tightly, she hoped that the result would be as good as hers.

And fragile illness was the kind of tenderness? In fact, Freda didn't know what kind of people Jamie was, but she believed that he was easy to fall over. 'Wow, I'm looking forward to a new world. I'm looking forward to it

The door was gently pushed open, and his long and slender legs came into view first. Wow, he kicked his legs in front of daisy, thinking that they were very pretty.

Lancy rested her head on the sofa and looked greedy. It seemed that she had forgotten that she was a married woman. 'perhaps this is the so-called "everyone loves beautiful things."?

He wondered what Marvin would think if he knew it?

To be honest, Lancy and Freda are not sure whether they will come in first from the corner of the dress, which is what they expect.

However, when the man came in and shut the other girls, Lancy was a bit stunned... Oh, no, she was very dull.

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