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   Chapter 256 Harm Set, Harm Get

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On the screen were all sorts of adorable clothes.

But as to the size, they didn't fit Ray and Rani at all. It looked like belonging to babies of few months.

"Marvin!" Lancy called the man's name with a sweet voice.

Marvin walked to her, grabbed her feet and said, "are you happy?" After a week of silence, she finally regained her spirits.

It really worked to tell Grandpa about her suffering!

It reminded Marvin of what he had forgotten. Then he stood in silent and felt sorry about Lancy.

"I'm very happy." The ruddy faced Lancy showed that she had totally revived, and her mood was so bright and brilliant.

In the eyes of Marvin, her proud is just because of the success of making others take the consequences.

Lancy, who had the sixth sense, stopped for a while. Her bright and clear eyes were full of innocence. "Are you unhappy? Tell me who bullied you, and I'll take revenge for you! " Ever since she removed the gun, Lancy seemed like becoming more violent. No matter what happened, the first way she thought of to solve it was force.

"…… No, I'll do it myself. "

Lancy gave the thumbs up with admiration again. Boss was really worthy of being a boss. He was always good at solving matters by himself.

She imitated Marvin's tone and said, "Sure. Whoever dares to bully our boss, we will beat him up! Deduct his salary, spank him, trouble him, and beat him !"

Lancy, do Ray and Rani know that you are so violent?

Hearing this, Marvin sipped his lips and looked at Lancy with a strange look. Then he fell silent.

Lancy pouted and wonder if he was still not satisfied with the ideas?

In order to ease her husband's anger, Lancy, once again, grew very innocent and pretentious. She even invented thousands of plans, to bring the perpetrator to justice!

Marvin gazed at Lancy with a wicked smile on his face. However, he was like an Oscar best actor, so he didn't say anything about that.

Lancy moved her lips and said something. In Marvin's eyes, it was the girl who dug a hole for herself and jumped off the stage herself. The whole scene was so vivid that Marvin was almost can't help laughing.

When he came to his senses, Lancy's face was very close to his. It turned out that Lancy was anxious to see his reaction. She moved closer to him, her nose to his nose, her mouth to his mouth. She could even see several eyelashes of him clearly. "Boss, what's going on? Choose as you like. "

Marvin looked at her pretty eyes and carried her in his arms. However, it was totally different from what it would do. Lancy was so happy that she couldn't help laughing. After a round, she found something was wrong! She looked at the floor, wondering, 'usually I would see the ceiling in this position.'?

Lancy was forced to lie down on Marvin lap. She blinked and looked back at the man in a pitiful manner. What game was he playing? She felt dizzy!

Before Lancy could s

nk. She said uncertainly, "I'm pregnant. You... You're not happy?"

"…… Not exactly. "

Marvin thought to himself, 'every time we have a love relationship, I have been ready for birth control, even at the cost of the last moment to destroy the pleasure of having sex.

Lancy, you shouldn't be pregnant! You shouldn't!

Lancy was pretty sure that her husband wasn't happy and didn't want her to get pregnant at all. She felt a sharp pain in her heart and her hands were frozen there.

"Have you had a check-up?" Marvin grabbed Lancy's hands. At this moment, he was more concerned about her health.

At that time, Joseph said that even though the drug that Wilson had put into her would do harm to her body, she would be able to recover as long as she was properly nurtured. But considering the time, it was only six months now, less than one year. Her health...... Marvin hesitated.

Of course, Marvin didn't suspect her loyalty. There were many modern contraception measures, but there was an exception! What worried Marvin most was that before Lancy's health was fully recovered, she accidentally got pregnant. Would that hurt her health more?

"I'll call Joseph over." The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. When he tried to contact Joseph but was stopped by Lancy.

Lancy had never been so angry like now, and she had never been so heartbroken.

She stared at Marvin seriously and asked again, "you're not happy because I'm pregnant. Why?"

'He loves Ray and Rani so much. But why he is not happy this time? Or he doesn't want a baby at all?'

In recent days, Lancy had been flung into a state of extreme fear. It was inevitable that people would fear losing when great joy and great sorrow overwhelmed her! Besides, she had nightmares every night. So much fear and dread overwhelmed her that she couldn't see the past and her future, which made her lose the most ordinary state of mind in the past.

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