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   Chapter 254 Mrs. Wilson's Resentful

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There was no need to explain for Marvin. But the gun could explain everything. It was Lancy who tear down the gun. In recent days, she had nightmares every night, and sometimes Marvin could tell something from her nightmares.

It was not a sweet dream. However, Marvin was more worried about her. What Lancy dreamed about was a bloody past.

Now she was pure and impeccable, and the past was undoubtedly a nightmare for her.

Leona, Leona! Marvin closed his eyes gloomily. He would have killed Leona if she didn't work for Lancy in the past! What the hell did they want to do!

"Lancy, don't be afraid. I am here. I will always be with you!" When Marvin mumbled to Lancy, Lancy seemed to hear his promise in her sleep. Her eyebrows became smooth again.

Sometimes, dreams could be weapons to attack people.

Indeed, Leona could play some tricks to shake Lancy, however, in the past six years, in addition to the occasional burst of fighting power, Lancy had never dreamed of anything related to the past.

The nightmare in the following days made Lancy much paler. She was no longer lively and listless as before. Lancy didn't want to go out and she also didn't want to go out for any social events. Therefore, Marvin didn't force her to go out.

For most of the time in the daytime, Lancy was in a daze in the attic. Sometimes she thought about the dream she had in the previous night, sometimes she looked at her own hands blankly, which was enough for her to look all the daytime.

This kind of Lancy caught some people's attention.

Such as Sidney and Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson had shut herself in her room since her identity as Lancy's successor of Lan Clan was exposed. She hadn't seen anyone the whole day. In Mrs. Wilson's opinion, there wasNina before, it can't be sure whether the Lan Clan was Lancy's or not. Now, Nina has gone, so the Lan Clan easily fell into Lancy's hands.

Mr. Sidney was very glad to hear that. It was not because he coveted Lan Clan, but because their families were well matched! The marriage between Marvin and Lancy had been changed a lot since they got married. After combining all these, Mr. Sidney increasingly felt that this was a good marriage.

As for Mrs. Wilson, she agreed with Mr. Sidney. But she had a different opinion! She was not able to take down Lancy before. Now, Lancy was promoted once again, and she got more attention when she was with Sidney. Would Lancy be bullied one day in the future?

Lancy had been pretending to be lazy since she got married, which made Mrs. Wilson almost mad.

Now, looking around the whole Lu Clan, she found that Wilson had been expelled from the family. Even if Sherry had gone back to her own family, they were not at home. So Mrs. Wilson wondered whether Lancy should take care of them? She used to say that she was not serious, but now was it?

However, Mrs. Wilson didn't expect that Lancy ignored her every time she brought it up?

However, Mrs. Wilson didn't get what she wanted. Since Lancy had been tort

f fun! Sidney couldn't hold back his tears at the mention of it. However, he didn't want to be bothered by anyone in the company or the family, but to be threatened by Mrs. Wilson. And he had to lose their peaceful time everyday.

He could tease little kids before, but now, he felt very tired.

When Mr. Sidney heard that, he was so excited as if the next little kid was already in Lancy's belly and would be born in ten months. He then thought that he could hold the little kid again after ten months! Ah, how wonderful life was! It was just like the street lamps at night.

Sidney looked at Lancy with more loving eyes, almost forgetting that Mrs. Wilson was in a rage!

"…… They're quite to my liking! " Lancy kept eating and blinked her eyes dully.

"Lancy, why don't we call a doctor for him? In the early stage of her pregnancy, she must be taken good care of. " Mr. Sidney patted his head and said, "wait a few more days. It's not a long time. We can't find it in a month."

Mrs. Wilson, who was sitting next to them, was already dumbfounded. 'when did Mr. Sidney get to know about pregnant? It's unbelievable!' she thought to herself?

Mr. Sidney would do anything for his great grandson or great granddaughter. Then go back to his study and have a look at books about pregnancy. Do you believe it!

After all, she was pregnant sooner or later. Besides, his grandson was trying so hard to get pregnant. It was a good thing!

Mr. Sidney nodded cheerfully, giving his grandson a thumbs up.

The dull brain wave returned to the normal line. Lancy widened her eyes in surprise and asked, "pregnant? Me?"

Lancy, is it true that you are so surprised? Except you, who else could get pregnant!

Mr. Sidney was excited. Looking at the dark circles in Lancy's eyes, who was apparently sluggish, he suddenly felt guilty. He covered his face! Look what Marvin did to the little girl. She had dark circles around her eyes

No, Sidney decided he must act like a grandpa and educate Marvin well.

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