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   Chapter 251 A Plot

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Lancy went back to her bedroom like a thief after she thought that she had destroyed those things.

Unfortunately, she couldn't fall asleep at all. She kept her eyes open until Marvin woke up.

In fact, the same as her, Marvin had never slept. They tacitly did not mention the episode that happened in the early morning, and Lancy was naturally willing to pretend not to see it.

As a matter of fact, she didn't tell the truth to Marvin. However, that was not an excuse Marvin could think of. She not only didn't want Marvin to know, but also wanted to leave this memory in her mind. She was more willing to forget it all.

Whether she was a coward or a person who was good at deceiving herself, Lancy was really not sure about herself six years ago! Maybe what she was afraid of was that even she herself couldn't accept the fact of her six years ago, let alone her husband and her babies?

Lancy dare not make a bet. She really dare not.

She really felt that she was leading a really good life now! It's not necessary to change it at all Therefore, she chose to turn a deaf ear to Leona's words. No matter who came to find her, just denied it!

After spending a night on psychological construction, Lancy finally convinced herself by clenching her fist.

However, Marvin couldn't pretend nothing had happened.

Then he went to the small study next to the bedroom. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with the study. But he finally found the 'escaped' parts.

As soon as he saw the parts, he finally knew why Lancy behaved so strangely today. She asked a lot of weird questions and why she went to the study secretly without telling him.

It was a gun, a real gun.

It's not a toy, nor a commodity on the shooting range, but a real weapon.

If Marvin saw the full appearance of the gun before being pulled down, he would definitely recognize that it was an exclusive weapon of "her". Even the others couldn't copy it.

Even so, Marvin had confirmed at the moment that the people over there had found and successfully approached Lancy. What shocked him even more was that the gun looked like this. Maybe it was Lancy. She, has recalled everything?

Upon hearing this, Marvin immediately denied that she hadn't recalled what had happened in the past. However, all these indicated that her past memories were waking up...

It was the woman named Leona, right? It must be her!

As for Leona, she could not be alive from now on...

Leona had never seen Lancy since she gave the gun to her. To be exact, Lancy seemed to become quiet again and did not wander around in the circle.

With delight and nervousness, Leona was sure that something had happened during these few days! Otherwise, why did Lancy suddenly disappear, who was supposed to show up for business?

It was well known that rumors about Lancy were widely spread in the Lan Group. Under the heat of the public opinion, this was undoubtedly the best opportunity to rise.

Everybody didn't believed that Lancy would not miss this opportunity, or in other words, Marvin would miss it.

However, what happened ne

name of Marvin, he had an exclusive parking lot.

So Leona had better keep an eye on it in secret.

As time passed, it was ten o'clock. Leona turned off the lights and walked out of her office. Half an hour later, she returned to the company, almost unnoticed.

Then, how about Marvin? He was still there.

Leona walked upstairs step by step, her eyes shining with hope.

The group was so quiet tonight that they didn't even notice half of the security guards.

On her way here, Leona had a strange feeling, but she didn't take it to heart. She just thought that she had successfully avoided everyone's attention.

At the sight of Marvin's office, Leona rushed into it directly.

Indeed, it was not like what they saw. They all saw that Leona rushed in! The people who were watching the monitor, like Luke, were really shocked!

They had once seen assassination, but they had never seen such a "direct" assassination! Where was the "dark" she promised? What about the "silent sorrow"?

How could Luke know that Leona had no idea of the real identity of Marvin and were ready to take actions!

Finding a gun in a hidden place, Leona kicked the door open and pointed the gun at the front. A gun was enough for an ordinary person

In the future, every time Leona thought about her first confrontation with Marvin, she would cover her face with shame. That was absolutely the stupidest thing she had ever done, not one of them.

The big noise here startled Marvin, who had been trying hard to keep silence. When he saw the black muzzle aiming at him, he couldn't speak for a while.

Over the years, Marvin had dealt with them a million times. Although Lancy was his only opponent, there was no lack of talented person by his side.

But Leona was indeed... Did she prepare so much just to break into with a gun?

All of a sudden, Marvin wasn't sure whether this woman came from the same place with Lancy.

"Don't move if you want to be alive!" Leona was ready to fight back. She pointed her gun at Marvin. If he dared to move, she would kill him.

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