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   Chapter 250 Please Don't Dislike Me

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9973

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Marvin burst into laughter. He gave a pat on Lancy's bottom and said, "My honey."

However, Lancy was not satisfied with this result. She just wanted to sleep well. Who dared to take advantage of another's perilous state? It was Marvin who asked for trouble!

The girl walked towards Marvin like a cute pig.

Upon hearing her words, Marvin couldn't feel any coldness from her and his smile was so attractive as if the ice had melted away by the woman in his arms.

He held onto Lancy's slender waist, lifted her up and looked at her. "What did you say just now? What is so awesome?"

Lancy, who was hiding in Marvin's arms, shook and rested her fair hands on his waist. She had an inexplicable dream. When she woke up, she felt a little nervous. "It's not about you."

"……" Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips and rubbed the fluffy head of Lancy violently. He knew that he couldn't count on her.

Lancy pouted but her body was honest. She was getting closer to Marvin.

She closed her eyes, feeling terrified. The amazement in her dream had already disappeared, and there were only worries and fears.

Lancy had been living a quiet and carefree life for so long that she almost forgot what troubles and sorrow were.

The appearance of Leona had planted a seed of self doubt in her heart, which scared her to death.

Now, she had a husband who loved her, two kids who was obedient and sensible, her own family who loved her. She didn't dare to take the risk of her present life, let alone losing everything.

Maybe, that was how people were? The more he had, the more he was afraid of losing.

Marvin was surprised and pleased to see Lancy like this. He lifted her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. "Lancy, is there anything on your mind?" He was not questioning her, but making a statement.

Lancy lowered her head in his arms, and her uneasiness rose to the top. She could not help but ask, "Marvin, if you find that I am not me one day, will you still love me? Will you abandon me? "

Marvin was shocked. He could not help but look at her. With a sense of evaluation in his eyes, he said, "why do you say that? Did someone say something to you, or did you think of something else? "

Lancy looked at the man's panic, tears rolling down uncontrollably. The girl was wronged, "I know you will dislike me, I know you will dislike me!"

Hearing that, Marvin's heart hurt and his dashing eyebrows wrinkled more tightly. "Who said that I dislike you?"

It seemed that Lancy remembered nothing in the past. Then, he guessed that somebody must have said something to her in front of her? A woman appeared in front of Marvin at once. That was Leona!

There must be something wrong with that woman!

Hearing that, Lancy burst into tears. She sobbed with drops of tears falling on her fair face. She took a deep breath and asked: "Don't you really dislike me? What if I become bad? "

Is there anything worse than kill people? Lancy was a solid sigh

g over, just like the fried meat. She diverged her thoughts farther and farther and didn't know what she was doing.

Her deft fingers dazzled everyone. In the blink of an eye, the little thing had thoroughly disassembled.

More pathetically, Lancy did not realize it at all.

"Where do I hiding?" The girl's face puckered and lowered her head. Lancy was shocked. Those small parts scattered all over the ground rushed into her sight. Her face was as pale as a ghost's. she looked around. Where was the gun?

take wings to itself? But it had been disassembled?

Obviously, Lancy prefers the former result.

So, Lancy, self deception should also have a degree, OK

Lancy covered her eyes and then opened again. All the parts of the gun scattered all over the place were in front of her eyes! In fact, she was just deceiving herself. It was a pistol, not other toys.

Even though it was torn apart, they could watch them apart. But if all of them huddled together, nothing could be deceiving.

Lancy gazed at her own hands and gradually realized the fact that she tore it down, it was her... Then, who was the woman in the dream? Was woman herself?

The idea popped into her mind all of a sudden, and Lancy was completely scared silly.

It meant that Leona was telling the truth?

No, no, no! Lancy shouted and tried to hide all those bags on her body crazily. But she failed because she was wearing a pajama. Her mind was in a mess now!

Several small parts quietly rolled under the desk, but Lancy didn't notice. She hurriedly hid those things.

Then she washed the toilet, and if she used the large one, she would flush it into the lake through the window.

It seemed that she was capable of emergency measures at such a critical moment.

Realizing this, Lancy became panic and uneasy again. Although the promise of Marvin appeased him, it could not solve the basic problem.

The memory of six years ago, Lancy hope for the first time, never find it back...

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