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   Chapter 249 Who Is The Best

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"Lancy, this is the second gift I give you. I hope you like it... Just think about it yourself! " Then Leona loosened her grip immediately. She didn't believe that Lancy had no about this pistol at all. "Don't you want to know the past? Don't you know the function of the pistol? "

Then, as if nothing had happened, Leona returned to the crowd.

It seemed that everything had never happened! If the pistol in her arms was so fiery, Lancy would have thought what had just happened was only her illusion.

Another present? What was the first gift?

It was that flower ring. Was it from Leona?

Then, what was more frightening was the function of pistol that Leona give to her? The girl didn't go wild for the first time. What else could the gun do besides taking a person's life?

What Leona meant was that she had killed someone before... Was it?

Lancy was so frightened as if she never knew herself. What was more horrible was that she had no aversion to such bloody things.

This was like a magic to the girls in the world.

Lancy leaned against the wall and was in a trance for a long time. Her words kept ringing in her ears and repeated over and over.

She stared at her own hands, wondering if she was really stained with blood, it would harm her, her babies and her husband?

It was a sunny day, but Lancy had a cold war. She put the gun into her bag silently and followed.

Across the crowd, Lancy saw Marvin. She smiled at him and didn't know her smile was bitter.

She was not sure whether what Leona said really influenced her or not?

What did Leona mean she will go back with her? What did she talk about? It seemed that she was a great person six years ago. Her life was not as simple as she thought.

Everything seemed to be dragged out by the gun, and Leona seemed to think that 'she won't' was an incredible thing that was hard to accept... More strangely, Lancy herself felt that she was familiar with it, just as her left hand was familiar with the right hand.

The questions kept popping up in her head, and Lancy seemed to have a death wish.

"Lancy, what's wrong?" Marvin had noticed there was something wrong with Lancy before. He walked to her and looked at Leona seriously.

Lancy grabbed her bag and answered after a long while, "I don't know. I'm not feeling well." The mixed feelings surged in her heart, like suspicion and rejection. She didn't even know what she was resisting or doubting!

All of a sudden, Lancy was scared. She feared that the life she was currently living would never return. She was more afraid. She feared that she would lose not only Marvin, but also her family that she had already owned.

"Not feeling well?" Marvin frowned slightly. He put his warm hand on Lancy's forehead, which was normal.

Lancy closed her eyes with satisfaction and let out a light groan unconsciously as she felt his touch.

Marvin's eyes darkened. He took a deep breath and retracted hi

l pistol disappeared, replaced by small parts that scattered on the table...

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but open her mouth wide. She thought, 'awesome! She must be awesome!'! The woman is so awesome. She shock everyone with the filming of 007 series.

She did not hesitate to do so as if she was born to be proficient in it without even a blink.

Rubbing her eyes, haze felt her eyelids became so heavy that she couldn't open them anymore. When she lost consciousness, she muttered, "so great."

Lancy was so careless that she didn't notice that the gun in the woman's hand was the same as the one Leona gave her.

It was Marvin came back found Lancy was still in a dream.

The girl's fragrant, white and tender body shone out, and she wrapped herself in a thin quilt, rolling around on the couch unconsciously. The onlookers had an illusion that something was bothering her.

The stirring loving of Marvin came back at this moment, and it was getting more and more violent. As soon as he came out of the bathroom, he simply pounced on Lancy.

He happened to hear her muttering, "how awesome......"

'Wow, what's so awesome? With their posture, the man could not help thinking of the other direction.

Marvin used one of his hands to pillowed on himself, and the other to poke the woman in his arm. His hand, which was used to take Lancy's temperature, immediately warmed up.

There was a storm brewing in the man's eyes, but it was only for Lancy.

Lancy finally woke up from the coma. He felt his eyelids becoming heavier, and that it was because someone's fingers made trouble.

Lancy opened her little mouth and hissed. She glared at Marvin angrily. While she was sleeping, she was sure Marvin was pinching her happily!

"What happened?" Marvin asked.

"My face hurts. Let me see if it hurts when I pinch yours?" Lancy stretched out her hand and rubbed Marvin's face with her hand. Then she said with contempt, "it's too hard."

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