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   Chapter 248 Marvin And Lancy Show Their Love

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Benson was so excited. The master of the Lu Clan was such an invincible man. If he always ranked the first in every aspect, how could he allow others to lead an easy life?

Leona looked at it thoughtfully, and then laughed, laughing at herself for being too suspicious and thinking too much! However, there were still a few disciples from clans who were really brave and successful. Perhaps, Marvin was just one of them.

It was too early for Leona to relief that she didn't notice the shrewdness in Marvin's eyes.

From the appearance, there were not many circles shot. However, if a person could control a weapon at will and want to hit several circles, what did it mean?

A person who was so good at hiding his true strength was the most terrifying, right?

However, Leona didn't waste her time on Marvin any more. She turned around and stared intently at Lancy. "Mrs. Lancy, would you like to have a try?"

One's memory might disappear, but instinctively, it couldn't disappear so easily.

What's more, Lancy had received the cruel training before and stood out among a group of people, which made her deeply impressed.

Just like the day at the Lu mansion, Lancy saved Nina out of instinct.

It was definitely not ordinary people's fighting skills...

In fact, Leona was also strange. In fact, Lancy's appearance was the same as many years ago, but she still took several times to test.

Perhaps, she thought that Lancy faked her memory loss?

However, Lancy was so excited that she kept touching the palm sized toy in her hands repeatedly. It was so fresh.

Mrs. Deng muffled her mouth with her hand. She shouldn't have laughed at the beginning, but it was because the expression on Lancy's face was vivid, just like a kitten playing at home. "Mrs. Lancy, haven't you played this before?"

The way Mrs. Deng addressed Lancy made her feel a little uncomfortable. It was because Lancy was too young to be called this.

"No, I didn't!" She was staring at the little thing firmly, and it drew all the attention of Lancy. Fortunately, the bullets were targeted instead of military weapons. Otherwise, these men didn't care about the situation when the gun went off.

"……" Hearing that, Leona almost bit her tongue. Looking at the innocent expression on Lancy's face, Leona believed that Lancy could win the Oscar for best actor!

Never played? The first time? What a big joke!

"Let's have a try!"

Lancy turned her head to one side. Was it her illusion? She felt that Leona clenched her teeth, and who else was she angry with?

The girl licked her lips and said, "Okay, I'll give it a try."

Hardly had her voice faded away, she heard a bang and the first bullet flew out...

Without any mental preparation, all the people were tearful and their ears were deafening. Could Lancy say something in advance?

Hearing that, Lancy stood on tiptoe and stuck her tongue out in embarrassment. She asked, "which ring? Which ring? "

Leona was in a rage and she could see the target before th

lked behind them in small steps.

Regardless of what happened, her mind went blank. They could continue as boss said so. Anyway, she would still not play with the following project.

In fact, Lancy was still focusing on the shooting range. She felt that something was about to burst out from her heart, but she failed to grasp it! She always felt that she should shoot the tenth ring. Lancy shook her head and felt more weird.

As the distance between the crowd and Lancy was farther and farther, Lancy was in a state of mental disorder.

Until Leona pushed her down.

However, Leona was not willing to give up. She stopped Lancy behind the corner of her sight.

Lancy was so shocked that she had no time to give any response... Or she didn't feel threatened at all.

"For what?" Lancy crossed her arms over her chest subconsciously as if she had met a lecher. Although it was a beauty, they had to be alert since there were too many abnormal women nowadays.

The corner of Leona's eyes twitched again and again. She was a normal person!

The anger that burst out from her chest was blocked in the middle. Leona really wanted to spit blood, OK? She just couldn't figure out why this woman became like this in just six years?

Stupid and annoying.

"Go on!" Leona said nothing and put the thing in Lancy's hand.

With a heavy heart, Lancy lowered her head to see what it was! Wasn't it the small pistol that she had played just now?

It was not the pistol she had played before, but it was a real one with the same appearance. At present, it was difficult for Lancy to distinguish the difference.

Leona lowered her voice deliberately and whispered in her ear, "I don't care if you are really stupid or not. This time, you can't escape! Humph, you said you didn't play it before. We both know that it is the most ridiculous lie! If you go back with me, maybe you can still be alive, but if you go on being unreasonable, you will not only hurt yourself, but also your husband and children! "

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