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   Chapter 246 The Intervention Of Marvin

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"Lan Group surname is Lan." Holding on to Lancy's slender waist, Marvin smiled on the corner of his mouth, which was neither cold nor indifferent. "I'm not poor enough to take over my wife's business!"

That's right. If Lu Clan really did that, they would be criticized to death! The board members were instantly comforted and secretly relieved. They believed that Marvin was coming to support Lancy and Lakin!

Without raising his eyes, Marvin knew what these people were thinking about. He was surprised and said directly, "Lancy will follow me by the side of the Wilson Group as the heir of the Lan Clan! Whenever time is free, Mr. Lakin will teach her in person. So she won't take any risk to Lan Group. You can rest assured. "

What he meant was that he didn't do harm to the interests of all people.

It could be said that Lancy only took over the name of the heir, and her real work place was in the Wilson Group? One by one, the directors' eyes brightened, and the balance in their hearts was slowly leaning to the right.

But if Mr. Lakin made up his mind to let Lancy take over the branch, what could these small directors do? He was holding only a small part of the stock. The rest of the shares belonged to Mr. Lakin! Anyway, as long as Lan Group did not go out of business, as long as it was distributed to them, they would naturally have no objections!

Of course, some of the directors were confidants of Latin, but, it was true that both of them had the support of the Lu Clan... It was really unexpected!

Those who wanted to refute, embarrassed, and to support Latin and others made a compromise silently. At present, they didn't say a word.

If she is legitimate, it was not frightening at all. What was frightening was that there was still a powerful background behind her!

Even though Latin has thousands of reason who were not satisfied with the result, there were only a few of them. Of course, the result was only a small number of people who responded to the rule. And this was the deal!

Latin gnashed his teeth in hatred. These useless men he had been raising for so many years. Whenever they met a crucial moment, Latin always seemed to be destroyed by them!

And those stupid directors! Despite her identity of 'inheritor', she still worked as an outsider in Wilson Group. The key point was that all the senior executives here had recognized that Lancy was the successor! If something bad happened to the Lakin, the Lan Group would be in Lancy's pocket.

They had admitted her identity earlier!

Now they had scruples about the Lu Clan. When Lancy took over the Lan Group, the Lu Clan would also be her rock sharp backing! If they had regretted what they had done at that time, it would be too late.

'what an idiot!'! 'what an idiot!'! 'what an idiot!'!

The three of them were almost driven mad by heart disease, but they had to watch the idiots greet Lancy, moved in front of Marvin and

girl really didn't understand what these people were talking about. Why did they like making a half story?

Therefore, it would be better if Lancy didn't understand!

They were not led by Bob, but by a high-level official who had come down from Sonoma. He is about 50 years old, fat and bulky, who gets out of breath just a few steps.

Lancy looked into the distance. When would this be over?

However, Lancy and Leona looked into each other's eyes inadvertently.

Yes, Leona was one of them.

If Leona was the only person she knew except Marvin, she would have greeted her, but she gave up the idea after Leona said something inexplicable that day.

Lancy looked around and found if Leona was the secretary of Kevin, why didn't she see him?

"I have quit my job." Leona stood by Lancy's side and whispered to her.

Kevin is now frustrated and can't cheer up in a short time

But Leona, there was something more important to do, so she would not continue to stay with Kevin.

She was now Benson's secretary! We had forgotten to tell everyone that Benson had an important position in the group. To put it bluntly, Benson worked for Freda.

Freda had been busy for some days, so Benson had to do this.

Benson had had a good time recently, especially when he was at work. As long as a new secretary Leona was present, any negotiation with her was smooth. She was absolutely the legendary lucky star.

So, in fact, at the occasion Marvin attended, few members of the group appeared with more than two secretaries. The employees were always like this. They couldn't steal the limelight from others.

Benson was a little bit relieved when he found that Marvin had put all his attention on Lancy. However, a good time didn't last long. How could his capable secretary come to Lancy?

Intimacy? Or friendship? Benson was always careless. But he gradually calmed down after he heard that Lancy and Leona seemed to have a good conversation.

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