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   Chapter 245 A Conflict At The Board Of Directors

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When Lakin made this decision, he secretly swore to himself that he would protect his granddaughter well. He would deal with this pack of bad deeds himself! "Everyone knows that my son died in a car accident and I had lose my young son! I almost died. If it weren't for my missing granddaughter, I would have gone with my son. "

"Thank goodness! God gave my granddaughter to me!" Mr. Lakin said these words to himself. He didn't expect that those people would be moved or even convinced by his words. "I think you should have known about Lancy long ago. She is a filial girl. As soon as she came back home, she just wanted to be filial to me. It's also my fault that I was so greedy for the happiness of our family that I almost forgot something important! Lancy is the only direct descendant of the Lan Clan now. If we don't introduce her to you, how can I face the ancestors? "

When Lapin was about to say something, Mr. Lakin glared him back! He continued, "she is the daughter of the Lan Clan. It's not a big deal to hide her real identity. She should let the whole world know that she is the only granddaughter of our Lan Clan."

"Lakin... Are you going to hand over the Lan Group to her? " Abdul was the senior member of the board of directors and he was Abdul's confidant. So he asked the question first.

"Is there a problem?" Lakin asked, looking sarcastically at Abdul, and then at Latin on the other side. Apparently, Lakin know their relationship.

His words fell down like a bomb into the lake, causing a loud bang, waking up all the fish and shrimps in the lake.

The youngest of the four brothers of the Lan Clan, Lahin stood up from the chair and raised her voice, "Of course there's something wrong. How can you convince everyone with only a little girl? Why? "

"Just because she is the rightful successor of Lan Clan! " Lakin defend for himself without showing weakness.

"She is not the only daughter of the Lan Clan... Daughter. " Originally, Lapin wanted to say "son", but considering that Lakin had never agreed, he immediately corrected it.

The scorn in Lakin's eyes deepened. "I remember that you said at that time that Nina didn't have right and she only owned a few% of the shares. That was the biggest concession, wasn't it? Okay, I accept your suggestion. But what about Lancy? She has no valid reason to stay here? Or is she a girl this time? "

The four men who were against the decision did intend to say that. However, what they could say was said by Lakin, so they had to swallow what they were going to say.

This was not the worst.

"I have transferred my shares to Lancy and they will come into force three years later." Again, Lakin blurted out a big news. He didn't care how shocked people were. Instead, and how hard to accept the fact. He turned to Lancy and said, "honey, it's not that I don't want to give up the shares. Three years is enough for you to get familiar with Lan Group. At

y forget this?' The news of the marriage between the two families came out just now. They only thought that Lancy was lucky. Since then, Lancy with Marvin had been well behaved. Lakin had never wanted to hand over the Lan Group to her, they thought that Lancy had been married out.

But they didn't expect that Lakin went against them and waited for them here!

Both of them felt that all the directors had been treated badly.

Lu Clan, and Wilson Group. How could they forget that Miss Lancy was not only a "girl", but also Mrs. Lancy of Lu Clan.

Those sensible wives felt warm in their hearts. They no longer looked down upon Lancy as before. Instead, Lancy's image had risen in their hearts!

A bold guy asked boldly, "The Lu Clan has promised, is it true?"

"Lancy is not only Mrs. Lancy, but also the hostess of the Lu Clan." His simple words calmed the restlessness of those people down miraculously. They could see the existence of the Lu Clan and even Marvin in people's hearts.

Latin wasn't convinced and snorted, "Yes, the Lu Clan can guarantee that whether the Lan Group surname is Lan or Lu in the future is unknown!"

Latin meant that Lakin intended to give the Lan Group to the Lu Clan as a wedding gift! Therefore, it was hard for them to know what would happen in the future.

Just then, the door was opened. A dignified man walked in, followed by a series of official secretaries. He was obviously a professional man.

The people in the conference room were all silent. They knew him, wasn't he the master of Lu Clan!

"Why are you here?" Lancy's eyes shone. She walked to Marvin step by step. She was surrounded by a group of directors who were almost surrounded by what they said one by one.

How could Marvin not come? This was the agreement he had with Mr. Lakin. He cast a cold glance at Latin. He was older than Lakin, but he took good care of him. He was in good health now, which enabled him to hop again and again.

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