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   Chapter 244 Devil Or Buddha

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Myron wanted to talk but stopped, he has no way to refute.

He couldn't explain his brother's change! He knew that his brother had his own power and connections. Marvin also had his own career abroad!

But Myron never connected these with human life.

Any sensible person wouldn't expect his family would kill people.

If that man could come to him, he would have been ready.

In many 'legendary stories' of Marvin, there were always competitors who would pay attention to those! Everyone knew that man was known as the God of war in the upper class.

The advantage of the advanced technology was that it could record those battles.

Myron only felt cold all over. With his pale hands, he grabbed the man's cell phone. His eyes stared at the screen. It was his brother who was in it!

However, the man was so ruthless that he took others' life in a blink of an eye. Was he really his brother?

His eyes were so calm that he had already regarded life as nothing. It took a long time for Myron to come to his senses after he fell on his position!

It was hard for Myron to accept this result, he didn't know whether he was scared or shocked.

The man's voice seemed to have magic power. He continued, "Are you willing to entrust your beloved woman to him? All women want to live a stable and comfortable life. But you know, your elder brother who have so many enemies. It's impossible for them to live a stable and comfortable life. "

"…… Did he kill a lot of people? " Myron asked in a shivering voice. It took him a long time to come up with this question.

Compared with Myron's nervousness, the man was much more relaxed. "Yes, there should be at least one thousand! What do you think? "

A cold shiver ran down Myron's spine, and his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat as he slumped onto the counter.

There was a faint sense of disdain and irony in the man's eyes. He was indeed worse than that man. It was too much for him?

"Do you think a man who killed a lot of people deserves your woman?"

The man was very shrewd. He even called Lancy Myron's woman. It seemed that before he came, he had figured out everything about Myron.

"What do you want?"

"You should ask yourself." That man cast a cold glance at Myron and said, "You are yield if you don't fight for once. If you don't fight for twice or three times, you will be defeated in the end."

Myron's balance in his heart gradually deviated from the main path. He struggled hard and fell into a struggle that had never been felt before.

With a smile on his lips, the man whispered in Myron's ear, "Take your time. I will wait for you outside! After midnight, there will be no chance for you..." How can you compete with such a man like Marvin? "

The man left with a wild smile, leaving Myron alone. He had lost his interest in drinking any more.

As time passed, nearly twelve o'clock at midnight

ifferently. Latin was old, but he was more ambitious. Ignoring Latin, Lakin turned to introduce his granddaughter to the crowd. "Everyone knows that she is my granddaughter - Lancy. Girl, say hello to uncle and aunt. "

"Uncles and aunts. Nice to meet you. I'm Lancy." Lancy was not cowardly at all. She was polite.

Except for the member of Lan Clan, how could the other people be impolite? Then they stood up and greeted back with a smile. It was clear that Mr. Lakin wanted to make Mrs. Lancy the next successor of Lan Group.

On the contrary, these three brothers were calm enough to accept Lancy's salute as if they should be so. To be honest, those three brothers are just Lancy's uncles. They were not as noble as Mrs. Lancy.

All those are just ordinary ones. They can't compare with the the true one.

Latin and his brothers had a deep root in the Lan Group. However, this young lady was not shrewd. Even with the protection of Mr. Lakin, no one knew who would be the final winner.

So, it would be better if neither of them got angry.

"Brother!" Lapin could not help but refute.

Lakin narrowed his eyes with coldness in them, "This is the board of directors."

He said calmly without any fluctuation, but they knew that Mr. Lakin, the absolute boss of the Lan Group, was angry.

The board of directors was not the farmer's market which everyday has. Nobody knew that this board of directors would be held only when the company needed to make a major decision or encountered something like the legal person change. Of course, the routine celebration at the end of the year and bonus meeting were two different things. They couldn't be mixed up.

Mr. Lakin held a board meeting at this time, of course there was something important to announce.

He knew that people in the board of directors, like Latin, were extremely angry! If the expression in those eyes could kill people, Lancy must have died.

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