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   Chapter 242 Freda Asked For Help

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9549

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Due to lack of contact with Myron for a long time, Freda was getting more and more upset.

After sending her mother off with a forced smile, Freda couldn't stay still any longer and she also couldn't tell her brother what happened. The only person she could find was Carl.

Freda didn't know how she tangled with Carl. After a period of time. Freda started to recognize that she might have some connection with Carl.

Freda had nothing to say about getting in touch with Carl.

'What does Freda think of Carl?' Our Miss Freda would simply tell everyone that Carl was a jerk.

If Carl knew what Freda thought, he would definitely be overjoyed. He thought that Freda and he would likely become a newly married couple. 'How does Freda know that Carl was a rogue when he started to build up a fortune?

It was said that Freda was in a secret place.

At least it didn't look mysterious. After that night, Carl said that she would come to him if she had something to tell him.

Meanwhile, Freda was swirling faltering outside the gate, but little did she know that people inside had already known where she was.

Who was the person that dared to wander outside the Fire Hall? Was the person courting death?

Although the "Fire Hall" was gradually turning legalized, logically speaking, there shouldn't be a door for it to transform. It couldn't be accomplished overnight. There must be a process.

Besides, this was the main base of the Fire Hall. Even if it was completely legalized, the main branch could never be crippled. Haven't you heard about it from Miss Freda? One can't see it from the outside. It's a benefit to look like a wealthy family.

Those who were able to enter the main base were basically the upper leaders! As for Mr. King, he was at the bottom of the upper floor. A "unknown creature" was in front of them. Of course, Mr. King had to come forward.

They were used to being the killers. Suddenly, they had to work from morning to night, which was really not used to it! With dark circles around his eyes and half a pair of slippers, Mr. King was kicked out of his dream. Who could understand that?

Mr. King had to attend all the social engagements of the company without the presence of Carl. He also took care of all the mess in the hall. 'Will his life be more difficult?' thought Mr. King!

Wearing a sullen face, Mr. King stared at the people through the monitor. 'Damn it! Who is messing up my dream? I must teach him a lesson!' Mr. King cursed!

'Why was that woman coming here?' 'Women don't know the mall, do they?'

Then he looked again, 'Wow, a beauty woman!' The third look, this beautiful woman seemed to be a little familiar. The next second, Mr. King almost rolled his eyes out. His orchid fingers trembled all over. This was the woman!

'Oh my God!'! How Mr. King wished he could slap the person i

nt abroad in low spirits?

The message he left... It was quite odd.

"If you are in a dilemma, you don't have to tell me. I will find him for you." Carl said frankly.

Freda was stunned, staring at Carl blankly, and the difference between his eyes was about to emerge!

When they looked each other in the eye, Freda was one step ahead and turned back, murmuring, "Thank you!"

Carl was pleased and couldn't help but ask her: "How are you going to thank me?"

The man got closer and closer, so Freda had no way to back away. But she was a little angry and said, "I can just go and ask some people to bring them to you!"

Was it a "thank you" instead of "supplement"?

Carl narrowed his eyes as he noticed the embarrassment in Yan cangyue's eyes. He gave a mysterious smile and said, "Okay. I'm waiting for you to come to my selling ceremony."

The training field was fully open. Passion and defiance could be seen in his dark eyes. This was the unique charm of Carl! Every time he was in front of Freda, Carl always subconsciously hid part of his real body, worrying that it would scare her away.

But now, Carl realized that he had underestimated Freda. Because Freda was smart and was different from the common girls.

For some reason, he wanted to show his true self to her.

"Mr. escort" or "Mr. Carl", it was all Carl! But Carl didn't care about it at all. He was trying to win her heart in another way.

Flustered, Freda jumped out of the sofa and avoided eye contact with Carl, as if he was a dreadful beast.

"That's a deal. I won't treat you unfairly as long as I get any news!" If anyone was asked to help, Freda had to pay for it.

But now Carl was so dangerous that Freda stumbled away before he could reply! Her heart was pounding, as if it was going to break out the next second. She didn't want to stay here any longer. This man was too aggressive and dangerous.

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