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   Chapter 241 Which Mother Do You Like

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10227

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"Ray and Rani, I know that a peaceful life is not easy to come by. Your mommy is very happy... " Leaning against the back of the soft chair, Marvin frowned and said, "Life is hard. The only person who can get away is your mommy. I don't care if she could remember everything in the past. What I care is whether she was as happy as she is now at that time. "

Ray and Rani smiled and gave their thumbs up. Their daddy was the best!

On the other hand, Ray was finally relieved. It was time to tell his father something. "They won't let go of Mommy easily." They molested Mommy regularly every year! Ray had nothing to say.

Hearing what Marvin said, Ray and Rani gave him two big smiles. Yes, nothing was more important than mommy's happiness.

"Daddy, what did Mommy look like then?" Ray and Rani's head went heavily with love and curiosity.

All the three of them were curious, including Rex. He raised his head and looked into Marvin's eyes innocently. However, bright smile was shown on Marvin's face at all. A layer of white mist hovered over his eyes, as if he had gone back in time.

After a long time, until the three kids were about to give up, the man finally spoke.

"We are well matched in strength!" Marvin said slowly. There was an implied meaning behind his words.

Both Ray and Rani understood what was going on. Their mommy and Daddy were equally matched in strength! All the three kids thought that the strength he showed that night was just a tip of the iceberg, but his mommy, his aunt, could actually be on an equal footing with him The three little kids were amazed.

"Which one do you prefer, the current one or the past one?" Rani asked, she had an idea in a blink.

Marvin tapped her forehead and said, "Bad girl."

No matter before or now, Lancy had always been like this! She was once an unscrupulous, bold woman, who was also attractive to him. But now, Lancy was fearless, capable of challenging his bottom line! The past love between them had been concealed in the rivalry between them over and over again. If she hadn't lost her memory, they wouldn't be able to reach this point?

So, it's meaningless to ask such a question!

"Daddy, have I told you that those who wanted to see Mommy had never stopped?" Satisfied, Ray said seriously. "The experience over these years tells me that they won't give up!"

They would never give up. They would kill Mommy!

In the assassinations, Ray and Rani could protect their mother, Lancy. Their abilities had shocked Marvin. Even so, he still needed to be extra careful in case that something unexpected happened! In the past, Lancy and the twins would change one place after another. But now, everything was different.

'Daddy and Mommy have got married now and they have their own home. They don't need to be as distant as before any more. Well, here's the problem!'! What should she do when those people came to her again?

This time, they were on the island. How could they protect their mommy?

The little twins opened their eyes wide and thoug

ious about her?

Now Lancy was just like a person who had a happy day, and was easily satisfied.

Marvin had thought about many responses, but no one was Lancy's answer. She always had a way to bring surprise to him.

"At that time, I was also Marvin's wife... Oh, no, Ray and Rani were not born at that time! "

"……" Marvin had nothing to say He had been defeated by Lancy. At that time, she was his archenemy...

Lancy did not know the man's struggle and guilty, and suddenly clapped both hands. "By the way, Marvin, why were we separated at that time?"

So, Miss Lancy has not asked this question until they have been married for almost half a year?

How could she be so dull!

Marvin opened his sexy thin lips and closed lips slowly, and then their eyes met. How should he answer Lancy's question? God knew he didn't even know when the accident happened to Lancy!

'Forget it. I don't want to answer.' he thought.

Then Marvin used the 101 trick of the boss president again ---- seal up! Meanwhile, he used the attractive charming, in a way of covering her lips with his, he laid his head on hers.

Marvin's "efforts" were not in vain, and in the end, Lancy was so tired that she even had no strength to breathe. She had already forgotten everything, including what questions she had asked. Marvin was "powerful"!

After they made love for the whole night, when Lancy waked up from her deep sleep, she stared at Marvin, who was sleeping beside her.

Perhaps because of the topic mentioned by Marvin, Lancy was wrapped in the quilt and began to think about nonsense. Did he like the former her, or the current her?

With messy hair, Lancy smiled and wondered why she was so moody! She held up with one hand, and touched the man's nose with the other hand. The girl murmured, "No matter who I used to be. We are a couple, aren't we? You are a fool! "

The girl said angrily. She almost lost her mind.

Of course, Lancy didn't know what was the key of the problem. They weren't a couple in the past.

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