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   Chapter 240 Refuse Without Hesitation

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The sobs suddenly stopped. The mother and daughter were still weeping and looked at Ray dully.

How could Ray not worry about his mommy. "It's okay. If daddy bullies you, you can seek help from great grandpa!"

"I agree with you!"

The fat boy tilted his head and kept nodding! Rex, you know what that mean, you can't...

"Aunt Lancy, you don't need to be afraid. My mommy and Daddy are also very strong. No one can bully you under their protection." Rex widened his eyes, as if someone was bullying his aunt in front of him.

In his heart, his dad spanked his butt very painful. His mom scolded. They are all powerful. So Daddy and Mommy can protect your auntie, is it right, Rex? Probably?

The people behind her were so bewildered that their sadness of parting disappeared in an instant.

Looking at the two little kids comforting Lancy, Mr. Sidney and others rubbed their eyes. Wasn't it supposed to be mommy to comfort her children? But when it came to his home, things were completely different?

Doris stared at Rex as she gripped Bruce's hand. She felt her Rex was so intimate with others. More importantly, Rex comforting other's mother!

Doris showed that she couldn't stand up anymore! Why would her son be so intimate with others not her? But more importantly, Rex was less than six years old.

At the same time, Rex thought about it again and continued, "but uncle will not bully you, as well as my father."

Feeling warm in their hearts, Bruce and Doris glanced at each other. Doris lowered her head out of embarrassment. Did the child say something like that?

Her child was the best.

Unfortunately, Marvin didn't agree with Doris at all!

No matter Sidney or the members of the Sen Clan, Marvin's feeling was more complex than them all. It was interesting at first but sounded strange?

In the heart of his son and daughter, he was the kind of person who would bully his wife and make their children leave without feeling relieved? Marvin had a feeling of slight sadness and had an impulse to pack up these little guys immediately and send them to the island. 'Little kids, don't you know that boss won't admit that he is angry because the you slandered him in front of Lancy!'

"Well! !" Marvin couldn't stand it anymore and coughed heavily.

Ray and Rani turned around and had no sense that they had made a mistake! They thought that without them, mommy would be easily bullied... This was just in case.

"Lancy, it's time for the kids to go now," Marvin divided the three kids apart. He frowned and wiped off the cold tears on the woman's face. He just wanted to say, 'Is it that serious?'

All of Lancy's tears and snot rubbed against Marvin's body, "It's all your fault! I don't want to part with my babies!"

"Lancy!" Marvin frowned, showing no anger but power.

Hearing that, Lancy pouted. She was not an unreasonable girl. She knew clearly that sending the children away was

he? "

"Mom, I just draw an analogy." When Freda was stamping its foot, a man suddenly appeared in her mind... She got rid of him. How could it be him?

Sherry looked at her daughter and thought that there must be a way! She couldn't stay long at her mother's home. This time she had to see her future son-in-law in person.

Sherry and Lewis waited until Marvin and his three kids left, and then they left.

It was an unhappy day for the three clan.

No matter how much benefits they could get, they couldn't stand the sorrow and worry when their kids were not around. Lancy and Doris could not help but cry with each other.

The two mothers could only comfort themselves by "their children need exercise", "the eagle will fly high without wings". It's just that it's not easy to be apart for a few days. '.

Every mother must go through it, no exception!

All they wanted was that their three kids could come back safe and sound... Whether he could succeed or not didn't matter anymore.

The helicopter rose quickly in the air until the man was out of sight.

Marvin had been keeping an eye on the three kids all the time. He smiled with satisfaction, and Rex, the most vulnerable one among them, tried hard to hold back her tears. That made him satisfied.

The three little kids and Marvin looked at each other and soon forgot the sadness of bidding farewell to their families.

Rex was so active but now he tried to restrain his curiosity. He sat upright and he knew that his uncle was observing them!

Ray, however, was much more relaxed. He seemed to have thought of something and pulled a long face. "Daddy, do you really care about mommy's past? So you don't want mommy to recall everything in the past? "

"…… What do you think about her past? " Marvin asked.

Resting the chin on her hand, Rani gazed at her daddy and thought of that night. "Was the mommy in the past looked the same as daddy that night?'' Rani asked.

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