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   Chapter 239 Mommy won't cry!

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10075

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So, it was not so much to maintain the dignity of Nina, rather than Kevin to protect Lancy as a condition to no longer Nina's calculation and persecution.

Nina's eyes were filled with tears. She felt that her heart had been dead, thoroughly dead at this moment. "Kevin, I hate you, I hate you!"

Hate? Everyone hated her?

Tears streamed down Nina's cheeks as she left. For those who didn't know her, they must have thought that Becker had cheated on her. But what he didn't know was, if Kevin could go back to the past, then he would hate this woman for all her lives!

Lancy... Kevin closed his eyes in pain and turned away decisively.

Since then, Nina and Kevin didn't have any relationship anymore!

Even though in the next few years, people still regarded Nina as the daughter-in-law of the Han Clan, even though she was not favored or neglected.

There are some things that are destined to be fruitless. It is useless to insist! Also such as Nina and Kevin, also such as Kevin and Lancy.

At the corner of the street, seeing Kevin leave so decisively, Nina felt that he indeed didn't turn back at all. She felt empty as if she had lost something completely.

"Are you not reconciled?" A man's voice sounded beside her ear. Startled, Nina turned around abruptly.

He was a very gentle man. But no matter how gentle and polite he looked, he couldn't conceal his bad smell. The vicious look in his eyes and the way he looked at Nina made her feel disgusted and humiliated.

"Who are you?"

"You will know what kind of person I am in the future. Now, since you are expelled, do you want to take revenge? Nina, you have nothing to rely on now. " The man smiled evilly, his eyes restlessly following her, looking her up and down.

His nasty eyes still lingered on her pretty curve.

"Who the hell are you?" Humiliated as Nina was, she chose to stay for the second time of revenge. Comparing with the contempt and humiliation given by this man, it was obvious that revenge was more powerful.

The man tutted and shook his head, saying mercilessly, "only IQ. No wonder you lost completely! I really don't understand why our boss likes you so much! "

A hint of anger flashed through his eyes. For a man who was determined to be the first person to win the first place in his boss' heart, naturally, no one else was valued by his boss. That was a common sense.

Fortunately, the man also understood that his boss was just because this woman was the descendant of the Lan Clan. She was ruthless. The current situation left her no choice!

"What? Don't you want to revenge the people who abandoned you and the lady of the Lan Clan?" "Or, are you really willing to give up Lan Group and leave it to Lancy?" he continued, deliberately turning to Lancy

Nina tried to ignore this man's disrespect to her. She had to admit that she had a crush on him.

Now, she had nothing! As for her identity, status and marriage, it was impossible for her to do anything. "Why did your

at the baby was leaving. I can't see Ray and Rani any more from now on.

Hearing that, Lancy frowned. She was sitting still, her heart was empty. She was not able to react in a short time.

He had told her before that Lancy had never been separated from the children since she woke up. Both Ray and Rani loved Mommy Lancy very much, so did Lancy.

When the gold bumps fell out like no money, how could she control it? Lancy felt panic and uneasy for no reason. The girl felt wronged and hid in a corner. Her small face with a slap only wrote three words -- "unhappy.".

With a deep sigh, Ray and his two companions found their mommy with mushroom in a corner.

"Mommy, promise Ray and Rani not to cry."

Rex looked at her aunt in hesitation and looked at her mom, as if she was not in such a good mood.

Like his aunt, her eyes were also red.

Of course, Doris didn't cry as "disappointing" as Lancy.

Lancy choked with sobs, "How could three days pass so quickly?"

Rani put out her white, tender hand and stroked the hairy head of her Mommy, and her gold bumps fell on the ground one after another!

It was not a big deal. Although Rani hated to leave her mother, she was also interested in the so-called training! They almost burst into tears.

That annoyed Ray a lot. They had agreed to group up to comfort his mommy? Sis, I thought you should help her?

Blushing, Rani held Lancy's neck and burped. She said in a sweet voice, "Mom, the baby is gone. You need to eat on time and go to bed. Without the baby, you can't be bullied. Do you know?"

Ray's heart sank. She was right. If only she was worried about Mommy, she would be bullied easily. They used to protect her. Now that they were gone, what if someone hurt her?

His little thought raced through his mind. After pondering for a while, his two eyebrows began to fight. Ray said seriously, "Mommy, don't trust others too much. As long as dad is here, we are not afraid anymore! But what if daddy bullied Mommy? "

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