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   Chapter 238 They Finally Divorced

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The last sentence was said to Nina.

What Nina was most proud of was her identity as the eldest daughter. However, she was completely overturned by her grandfather, Mr. Lakin.

Everyone knew that the sons of the first and the daughters of the first class were the most precious. As for the sons of the third class, they were not as precious as the others. While the illegitimate children living outside were not good enough for them to be admitted by anyone. What was Jill's status in that year? Technically speaking, they were in the outer room of the Nalan clan now, or in the outer room where the Nalan clan members didn't allow their children to be taken care of.

If not, why did she come here with her daughter after Nina was born?

Looking at the pale face of Jill, Mr. Lakin heaved a sigh and said, "it's all my fault. I shouldn't have been softhearted when my son was alive. I shouldn't have let you marry him just because I thought he wasn't ill yet. 'That's unfair! How unfair!'! I will let bygones be bygones. You can leave now and never come back. Don't try to deceive others in the name of the Lan Clan. "

"Uncle Wang, close the door!"

Nina and Jill watched the door of the Lan Clan slowly closed but they couldn't do anything.

They had learned from what Mr. Lakin said to them that Mr. Lakin wouldn't take his reputation seriously. He was too smart to take actions without letting them know. If they didn't take action now, he would shout them out and everyone in the Lan Clan would know it.

Before long, Mr. Lakin's news would be spread to the public. At this moment, even if Nina was allowed to get in, she was reluctant to do so.

Her mother had been trampled, and even her face, which was a disgrace, was forced to stay in the Lan Clan?

You are riding on a horse in the face of his majesty, and entering a territory of your own... ' Was Mr. Lakin defending his granddaughter, Lancy? 'Does it mean that I, Nina, snatched away everything belonged to Lancy?' Nina thought.

Nina stared strangely at Lancy who had pretended to be invisible. How could she not hate Lancy? Nina was the apple of her eye. She was the apple of the eye in her Lan Clan! "Why did you come back? Why?"

A dash of hope flashed through Jill's eyes. She wondered why Lancy came back in such a short time? In those days, she had chosen Even Jill herself almost forgot that thing. Fortunately, nobody had talked about it after so many years. If Lancy hadn't said anything about it when she returned, if Mr. Lakin knew about it, she would not have been driven out of the house so easily.

Talking about this, Jill got a bit complacent. Even if Mr. Lakin looked down upon her, she had successfully schemed against the Lan Clan?

Perhaps, it was time for her to conduct an investigation on Lancy's past. She believed that there must be some flaws in it.

"Nina, let's go!"

"Mom, what should we do now?"

The two little babies who had been following their mother, Lancy, returned somehow. After seeing their reactions, Ray said with a cold smile, "What

wed up in front of Nina with the divorce agreement and all his tenderness vanished. Was that the reason why he came to her?

"I should have met her at the Bureau of civil affairs." Hearing what Nina said, Kevin restrained his disgust and went to her. He even went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with her because he didn't want to have anything to do with her at all.

Feeling ashamed and angry, Nina stood still where she was blankly. She faltered, "I don't want to, I don't want to..."

"Nothing? Do you want a divorce or do you want to cause rumors about you? " Hearing Nina's hypocrisy, Kevin sniffed, "Don't be hypocritical! You are not welcomed by our Han Clan, and I'm not included in you!"

Nina bit her lips and could not say a word to contradict her.

She could blame grandpa for his bias, could blame Lancy for grabbing everything from her, could she hate the family of mother-in-law for neglecting her at the critical moment, but could not only blame Kevin.

Because she loved this man so much

"Get in the car."

Nina got on the car reluctantly. She didn't want that to happen, but she didn't want that kind of thing to be exposed either! "Do you really think three or five years?"

Hearing that, Kevin held the steering wheel tightly, while the smile at the corners of his mouth turned into a big wave. Although Nina kept saying that she loved him, she still cared about herself the most!

Kevin didn't get angry about it at all. In any case, Nina was basically equal to the bottom mud. If she was a bit worse and more selfish, it made no difference.

Kevin pursed his lips and didn't answer Nina's question until they got out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

They were both red certificates. One was the marriage certificate, and the other was the divorce certificate.

"Answer your question." Facing each other, coldness appeared on Kevin's face, "Within three or five years, I will take care of you. But if you do something to hurt Lancy and the kids again, Nina, I promise you that you will be discredited! "

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