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   Chapter 237 Mr. Lakin's Second Slap

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9763

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Since when did the domestic life rate become so high? Look at those cars. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor?

As time went by, the night was about to fall when Nina and Jill arrived at Lan Clan.

Feeling pain all over her body and dizzy, Nina staggered out of the car and looked at the building of the Lan Clan. For a moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart. It turned out that she had never taken a good look at her own home.

'Yes, this is my home. I am my father's daughter. Why should I be driven out of here?'? Nina made up her mind. No matter how her grandpa troubled her at that time, she would try her best to get through it.

Nina seemed to have forgotten how Wilson was expelled by Lu Clan? Although Wilson was the son of Lu Clan, and Nina was just a daughter of Lan Clan, others couldn't compare with her. You should know that Jill had been taken good care of by other people all her life.

They were about to go home hand in hand, but Wang stopped them.

"Wang, how dare you! What do you mean? Get out of my way! " Jill's heart sank. 'Did Mr. Lakin come back?' she wondered?

Damn it! It was a long journey of forty to fifty minutes, but they still had to walk for three hours. They delayed the traffic.

Wang said without looking askance. He was an elder member of the Lan Clan, so he was very clear about what happened to Jill and how they got married to the Lan Clan! He never treated Jill as the lady of the Lan Clan.

"Since then, there have been no two people in the Lan Clan, like Nina and Jill." Wang didn't know why Mr. Lakin suddenly gave such an order, but he was just a servant of Lan Clan. He had to do as Mr. Lakin said.

Jill and Nina's face turned pale suddenly. Had Mr. Lakin come back already? 'Has, has the whole Lan Clan known about it?'?

Jill wasn't convinced. She wouldn't give up! Once Mr. Lakin went back to the Lu Clan, he couldn't wait to be back in a year or so. Now he was probably still caring about his great granddaughter and great grandson in the Lu mansion. How could Mr. Lakin come back so soon!

Jill decided to make a bet and didn't let the chance slip by. "Wang, you're trying to turn the tables since Mr. Lakin is out, aren't you? Let me tell you something. We were with Mr. Lakin just now. What the hell are you talking about? "

Wang frowned, "Mr. Lakin called and gave the order. It's definitely not wrong." It was Mr. Lakin's voice. How could someone pretend to be him?

Of course, Wang just thought about it casually. He was not someone next to him. All his life in the Lan Clan, he couldn't even recognize the voice of the owner. That was what he should do.

Therefore, Wang didn't move or let them in. He just kept waiting at the gate of Lan Clan.

Jill was delighted. 'Mr. Lakin must haven't come back yet.'? "Wang, I respect you for your identity. You are a member of the Lan Clan. If you refuse a toast, you

e really roared out all his words and showed no mercy to Nina at all. "I have made myself clear in the Lu Clan. You are nobody in our Lan Clan now. Get out with your mother!"

Mr. Lakin was so angry that his face turned red! He put his hand on his chest and inhaled deeply. He felt that he had a heart attack and was going to recover. 'the mother and daughter are even more shameless than I thought!' he thought!

One after another, Nina's face was thoroughly swollen.

At this moment, other people might even lose the courage to look up, but Nina took the opposite path and raised her head haughtily.

This made Mr. Lakin even more angry!

"I'm your granddaughter, your granddaughter. My blood is the descendant of the Lan Clan, and I'm always Lan Clan's daughter." Nina glared at Lancy fiercely. The implication in her words was that she wouldn't leave the Lan Clan no matter what she wanted.

Mr. Lakin laughed, thoroughly. At this moment, the last trace of anger disappeared. "Nina, I'm so lucky to have such a great granddaughter! The descendant of the Lan Clan? Hahaha... You seem to forget that our clan has never admitted your mother! "

The smile on Mr. Lakin's face was very harsh. And Jill looked terrible!

Yes, the Lan Clan had never admitted that she was their daughter-in-law! But Mr. Lakin had given his consent to her existence? She had never disgraced herself in front of the members of the Lan Clan, but now, she was in front of the gate. She thought that she had gone too far in front of everyone! "My Lord, I have taken care of you for all these years. Do you still have any contribution? How, how could you say that to me? "

What kind of person was Mr. Lakin? Why was he held by these two women? Without the shackle of family bond, he would only be more ruthless and ruthless. "Isn't that true? In the past, nobody except you knew who you were? Let me tell you. You're my daughter. I finally raised you up. "

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