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   Chapter 234 Shaking Hands

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"Lancy, don't be so complacent. I won't let you go! I'll kill you!" Nina's heart was bleeding. Great hatred was about to gush out of her body. She didn't have to hide it and face the face of the person she hated most.

Hearing that, Lancy was stunned. She had never felt that way. Did she hate her?

With the help of Jill, Nina slowly got up and left the room! She would not allow herself to break down in the Lancy, nor would she do it in front of Lancy. She also had dignity!

Seeing Nina leaving, Lancy felt it strange that she didn't feel guilty for what Nina said.

Sitting here, Lancya thought a lot. She finally realized that Nina was 'framing' her! Even though she couldn't figure out the reason, the words "retribution" and "deserve" were haunting in her mind while she was looking at Nina that way.

The girl was shocked. It was not the first time that she had seen such a scene.

Lancy knew that she was slow. She knew that she was sometimes stupid. However, sometimes she would think in a different way somehow.

In the past, she didn't pay much attention to it. Recently, she had caught the baby's life because of it. Lancy felt that she was so strange, but so familiar! She didn't know what to do and who to tell!

BOSS…… She should have told him that for some strange reasons, the closest person to her became the first one she excluded.

Lancy looked at the direction whereNina left with tears in her eyes.

Johnson stared at Lancy, with a gleam of doubt flashing through his black eyes! Lancy was innocent and agile. Now she was like a lost child who suddenly found that he could not see through the girl.

'Which on earth is the real her?'

Before Johnson could give an answer, Marvin had followed Lancy.

A handsome man embraced Lancy from behind and covered her eyes with his hand. He didn't like her expression at all.

"She doesn't deserve your concern." Marvin didn't know what was in Lancy's mind. He thought that she was sad because of Nina! How could he let such a shameless woman waste her time and energy on anything?

Lancy felt that everything went black in front of her eyes and that uneasiness and confusion disappeared totally because of Marvin, which made her feel much relieved. "I'm not sad, really." She said in a soft, sweet voice.

However, boss didn't believe it, let alone the people behind him.

Look at her haggard face! She must be sad!

The Han Clan felt more guilty. Mr. Caspar loved Lancy from the very beginning, while Mrs. Caspar, Susie were really ashamed to see her because of her previous dissatisfaction.

Now, she was looking at Lancy. Her eyes were round, clear and bright. She must be a good girl without those thoughts. He had thought that Lancy was acting as if she had some strong backing when he saw her in the living room. But now, it seemed that she was being too honest and quiet. She was very sad secretly.

realized that he was not as capable as Marvin. He would not be cheated by a woman like him, nor would he protect Lancy well when she might be hurt!

Kevin finally admitted that it was much better for Lancy to stay with him than for himself.

"This is my promise. If you need help one day, I will be by your side."

Marvin was lost in thought. He hoped that Kevin know it not only because of his promise, but also because it represented the Han Clan.

He looked towards the other members of the Han Clan. They didn't expect that Kevin would say such words. In the end, they acquiesced that Lancy was the victim.

That meant, from now on, not only the Lu Clan, but also the Han Clan would be her backup! She could do anything she wanted in Alaska!

As the crowd waited for the response of Lancy, she scratched her ears so many times that even the marks turned red. Everyone looked at her with great pressure.

"Well, thank you, Kevin. You are a good man!" Apparently, the girl didn't realize this was a "promise," and she didn't take it seriously. She also knew that Kevin was serious. He was a good person, a very good person.

Hearing that, Kevin was finally relieved. Even if he was sent a "good man card" again, he was happy because it was Lancy who had a hairpin! "You are luckier than me."

Hearing that, Marvin wore a faint smile on his face. He knew clearly what a good person Lancy is!

After the Han Clan left, Kevin finally felt at ease! He was no longer insistent on his love for her. All he wanted was her safety. Everything else was not important.

After he saw them off, Mr. Sidney heaved a sigh of relief. He turned around and found that Lakin was still there. Ray and Rani came over sometime. Mr. Lakin was playing with little buns!

He shouldn't have pulled a long face and took advantage of the danger!

It was said that the two old men were always playing the game of "competing for favor".

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