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   Chapter 233 What Should Not Be

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Nina was extremely embarrassed. For countless nights, she couldn't help but recall the only night they had. It was not only her yearning, but also the spiritual pillar that supported her all the way over. But she had never expected that it was a meaningless in Kevin's eyes!

It was blurry in front of Nina, and her tears streamed down. She grabbed her pen and even didn't see the content of the divorce agreement clearly. So she just dropped her name on the paper.

Then, she led Jill out of Lu Clan, embarrassed.

Lancy didn't know what had happened in the hall. The girl sat on the stairway, staring blankly at the place where Nina fell.

Both Ray and Rani successfully diverted the attention of Lancy. Finally, they couldn't help but sneak up to her and eavesdrop again.

Lancy rested her chin on her hand and was apparently absent-minded.

"Are you wondering if that woman was pushed down by yourself?" A woman said coldly without any emotion. She looked down at Lancy who was sitting on the ground. There were so many strange emotions hidden in her seemingly indifferent eyes that no one could understand.

It was Leona. It was strange that the Lu Clan politely invited most of the guests who hadn't left into the lounge, leaving Leona alone. Moreover, when Marvin and the others went to the lounge, they actually missed Leona. Was it a coincidence or did it happen on purpose?

If the latter was the case, then Leona was definitely not a good person!

Raising her head confusedly, Lancy thought that it might be the fight against the bright sunlight. She was too dazzling to open her eyes! The girl even had an odd feeling as if she had seen sissy before. This idea flashed through her mind so quickly that Lancy had no time to catch it. She also didn't want to.

She murmured in a low voice with her eyes wide open, "I didn't push her." She looked like a poor kid, just like Rani who was six years old Oh, a seven-year-old girl, of course, Rani didn't want to eat candies anymore.

Leona was shocked by Lancy's words. Her cold face was a little disgruntled. She tried to hold her coldness, pouting her lips and said, "You are so lucky to have so many people stand up for you!"

Hearing that, Lancy scratched her ears, looked at Leona in confusion, thought over and over again, and nodded heavily. "Well, they are all very good to me! Mother in law is also kind to me. Everyone is good! "

The happy smile on Leona's face lighted up. She stared at the crystal clear crystal beads. It was the purest color she had ever seen. But it shouldn't have appeared on her... "Really?"

Haze felt that Shirley was very strange, but she could not find out what was strange. Looking at her eyes, she wanted to say something.

"You can't be like this! You can't be like this!" Leona leaned forward and covered her eyes.

Hearing the sound behind her, Leona loosened her hand and went downstairs slowly. She didn't care ab

s widened and flashed. She patted on Johnson's shoulder and comforted him, "don't be afraid. We are safe now." People who are not safe now are downstairs.

It was not until this moment that Johnson realized he had made a huge mistake. He shook off her hand immediately! He stared at Nina who was rolling downstairs without any sympathy. It seemed that he wanted to hide his astonishment, so he changed the topic, "I believe you really saved her this time."

Lancy nodded her head repeatedly with a simple smile on her face. Everyone liked to be trusted by others?

When he saw that Lancy was smiling happily like a cat looking for money, he couldn't help but smile.

But I think you should pay more attention to Nina after she got a concussion? Jill was freaking out. She ran down the stairs, held Nina in her arms and screamed, "Nina, Nina, my daughter!"

"…… Well... " When Lancy was about to walk downstairs to have a look, Johnson stopped her.

He said nothing but pulled Lancy.

No one came forward and no one asked. Johnson was not fond of the vicious woman, and the servants of the Lu Clan did not exist. They saw nothing! God knew that if she asked the servant, she would be held hostage.

When Nina thought of this, she was so sad that her whole body was convulsing. It was so painful that she couldn't utter a word for a long time! She held her mother's hands tightly and tried to convince her that she could rely on nobody but her mother!

Perhaps, from the very beginning, her mother was the only one who really cared for her and could rely on! She had never seen her biological father. Although she had been living a good life in the Nalan clan for twenty years, she was still abandoned. Her husband's mother-in-law seemed to care about her, but they finally abandoned her!

Nina raised her head and looked into his bright and innocent eyes. Hatred was flooding her. How could she pretend to be innocent! 'it's all my fault! Lancy'

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