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   Chapter 232 Ruthlessness Or Retribution

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10076

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Mr. Lakin's heart sank. After the incident, he treated Nina as a stranger.

However, after being extremely disappointed, the Han Clan no longer had any feelings for this new daughter-in-law!

Susie's heart rose as time went by. What a pity! It was not easy to have a crush on her son, but he married such a woman! To be honest, since the engagement banquet of haze left without a word, she had no good impression on Lancy at all!

But he was kind to the woman, Nina, who had his grandson and saved the situation successfully! Therefore, she didn't care about the identity of a concubine. To be exact, Nina was the first daughter that was brought to justice. Many times, it was Susie who persuade her son in private, and later the couple's relationship was much better.

In Susie's opinion, Nina was the lucky star of the Han Clan and she would be so obedient to him. For all of these reasons, before being with Lancy, Susie was the first one to step forward to defend Nina. She was not afraid of confronting Mr. Lakin and the Lu Clan.

However, it turned out that she had chosen the wrong person

After all, Susie was a wife, so she would never bow her head to Marvin. However, this did not mean that she had no regret. But now Susie glared at Nina and thought to herself, 'I don't think you are looking at your daughter-in-law. You are looking at your enemy rather than your daughter-in-law.'

"What do you say, Kevin?" Susie wanted to kick the woman out, but it was well-known that her son had been married with this woman for only half a year, and she was even pregnant.

Hearing that, Kevin frowned, kept biting his cigarette in spite of the elders present, and finally said decisively, "divorce!"

"No! Please don't!" "Kevin, I don't want a divorce! I don't want a divorce! Please give me one more chance. I promise I'll change. I promise, I'll never do that again. Please forgive me, okay? "

Forgive her? Then, who is responsible for his miserable life? After glancing at her coldly, Kevin pushed Nina's hand away. With a flicker of disgust in his eyes, he said, "you'd better either get a divorce as soon as possible, or you'll still be a part of our Han Clan in the past three or five years, or you can divorce after everyone knows what you have done! Make a choice. "

What did Mr. Caspar feel? Three or five years? Would it take so long?

This was exactly what Mr. Caspar and Cecil were thinking. Such a woman didn't deserve anyone's love for three or five years!

This time, Kevin could no longer hide his true feelings and thoughts. He took a deep look at Marvin and turned to the direction of Lancy. "Other than this, there must be gossip, which is not good for her We owe her... " That's why he offered Nina the second option. Kevin wouldn't give Lancy any bad name.

They all knew that "she" was referring to Lancy.

Marvin also understood what Kevin meant. He sent him a message silently, "Kevin will protect her this time.".

Hearing Kevin's unspoken words, Marvin just smi

h other.

On the other side, Marvin was looking down at Nina and said coldly, "Miss, now that you are not pregnant, how can you leave by yourself?"

'What a joke! He even doesn't want to pick me up. Is he going to drive me home?'?

Marvin didn't care whether she would walk back or crawl back. Anyway, he hoped that she could disappear from his and Lancy's life as soon as possible!

Seeing no one around her and no one came to rescue her, Nina was embarrassed. She stood up and was about to leave with unsteady steps.

However, she was stopped by Kevin. Nina thought he didn't want to leave her, but unexpectedly, Kevin said, "I'll send the divorce agreement to you."

Nina didn't dare to look back? All she wanted now was to leave this place as soon as possible

"Stop!" "Sign it now, and I'll draw it up right away," said Kevin with a gloomy face

The steward of the Lu Clan handed over a pen and paper smartly. When Kevin waved his pen, several lines were drawn out.

It was obvious that this divorce agreement was a result of the wife's mistake. As for property, how could Nina be so shameless to fight for property? Looking at the Han Clan, Nina thought that if she could make a good mouth, they would definitely pounce on her and bite her to death!

Although Nina had lost her face now, she still tried to retain her last dignity. More importantly, she cared more about her marriage with Kevin than money. In other words, she had never thought about how she would live in the future after she was kicked out.

With tears in her eyes, Nina said in a sad voice, "Wish you a happy life, Kevin. Are you really going to be so cruel to me?"

Hearing that, Kevin was in a rage. Who on earth was cruel? "As the old saying goes, a day together as husband and wife means endless devotion the rest of your life. Humph, Nina, I guess tonight is at most a wild marriage," More precisely, it was a conspiracy of being "raped" and if not for the man's face and dignity, Kevin would say it out.

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