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   Chapter 230 Disintegration

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There was obviously less people in the hall. The Yin Clan was missing, and the Lin Clan returned to the lounge quietly. Even Mrs. Wilson returned to her room under the hint of Sidney.

Apart from the people involved, there were only three people present - Lakin, Kevin and Marvin, as well as Joseph.

Now it was clear. The baby should be five-month but it was seven months old. She thought it was her great grandson, but she was told that the baby died three days ago... The above two points were enough to prove everything.

It seemed that Susie and Mrs. Caspar used this method to support each other by in their arms! If what they guessed was true, then Who can tell her that the only successor of the Han Clan has married a woman?

It seemed that Mr. Caspar got older overnight, trembling like a leaf. He was so old that he couldn't bear a hit. Just when he was about to lose his balance, Mr. Lakin stood behind him and pulled him up.

Mr. Caspar was stunned for a moment. He could clearly feel that his hands were also trembling. They looked at each other and saw the bitterness in each other's eyes.

The friendship between Lakin and Mr. Caspar was a life-threatening friendship. These years, there had been difference opinions between them, but in the end, they could still shake hands and make peace. It was obvious that they were the real friendship, the friendship between men.

As Brian's cousin for a lifetime, they could imagine how familiar they were with each other... And a lifetime friendship would be ruined!

At this moment, Mr. Caspar also realized that Nina was not only the daughter-in-law of the Han Clan, but also the granddaughter of the Lan Clan and Lakin's granddaughter... Not long ago, some words, which were uttered by Nina and referred to Lakin, were so clear and hurtful that made Mr. Caspar feel guilty.

Lakin patted Mr. Caspar on the shoulder. They had been sworn brothers for so many years. He really didn't want to say something to displease them!

With red eyes, Mr. Caspar turned to look at his granddaughter in law and asked, "Nina, what do you think?"

This was the last chance he gave her, and also the Han Clan!

Biting her lips, Nina stared at Kevin with a pitiful look on her face. But she saw that Kevin's face was overcast with rage. He was like a wild wolf that was ready to take her life in the darkness!

Nina felt desperate. She had known that it was not easy to fool Kevin! When they had woken up after they had been drunk the whole night, he could keenly feel that he had been drugged and he should know that he was not so stupid to be deceived so easily.

As it was the "child" in the plan, Kevin couldn't find the flaw in the first place.

But now, Nina knew that only if she slightly nodded her head, Kevin would figure out everything...

"No, it's not l

ed. He tried his best to control himself from strangling this woman! It was a carefully schemed fraud. When he brushed past the woman he loved, he almost ruined her life and reputation...

"Nina, tell the hospital yourself or do you want to punch her?" Kevin didn't want to look at this woman any more. There was an options between these two options. If they got in the hospital, they would probably hit the headlines the next day.

Not to mention the Han Clan and the Lan Clan, such a "family scandal" would not be made public. Nina had offended the two families and even the Lu Clan, so no one would defended her anymore? Who would help her cover up her family scandal?

After getting along with her for several months, when Kevin knew that she had an abortion, he really wanted to live a happy life with her, with a wife and a family... However, the cruel fact hit him back to the reality ruthlessly.

He should have thought that this woman schemed to marry him. Everything was a lie!

Nina's shoulders trembled slightly. She raised her eyes to look at everyone present. She saw indifference from her husband and indifference from her relatives in law, as if she was smelly rubbish and she felt disgusted at the sight of her.

And grandpa... Nina struggled and hugged herself in fear, not knowing what to do. She stuck her head to think of any way to save herself.

Hearing that, Joseph took a look at his boss, as if thinking of something. He had gotten the deep meaning of that man's apathy.

That's right. A man who plotted to frame his own wife was absolutely a number one enemy.

Joseph had witnessed the tension Marvin to Lancy... After pondering for a while, he said, "it's okay if you don't want to go to hospital. The physical condition of pregnant women is unusual. I believe Dr. Chen can make the difference? You can't make the same mistake again, can you? "

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