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   Chapter 228 The Secret Was Revealed

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Someone pointed at her favorite brother and called him "an outsider" in front of her. This undoubtedly knocked down Susie's face and stepped on it! The previous suspicion, Sam's testimony, and Nina's inappropriate offence to the people, it was not to blame for Susie's coldness.

Bearing the anger, Sam ignored Nina and decisively said to Mr. Caspar and Cecil, "you know what kind of person I am. I didn't see that before. I didn't notice what had happened until he heard what she said. As for Mrs. Lancy, she has attracted a lot of people's attention. All of them saw that Mr. Lancy pulled her at last. Then the impact... "

"Mr. Lancy, you got hurt in your right arm, didn't you?" Sam told the truth again. Few people had noticed what happened to her, except the people close to Lancy.

Mr. Sidney opened his eyes suddenly and asked anxiously, "Lancy, are you hurt?" As Sidney was busy with socializing with his two little stuffed buns at the party, he, just like Sam, noticed the existence of that crazy woman at the first sight after Nina screamed.

With an innocent smile, Lancy touched her stiff right arm and said, "Don't worry, Grandpa. It's not a big deal."

After glancing at Lancy from head to toe, Lakin walked across Marvin. "Did you hurt somewhere else?"

Not only her arms, but her waist and thighs were black and blue. Even if Nina was thin, her weighed at least 70 to 80 pounds! After falling from that height, the impact was naturally strong.

"No, I am fine." With an expression of "please believe me", Lancy stood straight as a conditioned response. She bared her teeth the next second when she saw her wound was pulled.

The restrained cry of pain could not hide from everyone's ears. Mr. Caspar frowned. Was this girl really hurt? Looking at her unconscious movements, Kevin knew she must have been hurt badly!

There was a sharp contrast between a woman who deliberately hid her injury for fear of her grandma and a woman who asked all her men to do justice for her.

Such a comparison embarrassed Nina.

"Yes, she was hurt. But so what?" "Who knows if she did it on purpose to cover the fact that she pushed me downstairs? I fell from the building and the baby was gone. Are you trying to frame her? How can I ignore my baby? "

The moment Nina finished her words, all people in the house fell silent.

Nina's words reminded them...

Noticing that all the other family members of the Han Clan stared at her as if they were thinking about something, Nina was completely flustered. "No, I don't mean that. I won't..."

"Dr. Chen, please show us your invitation," Now that he was going to deal with this case, he didn't want Nina to react. "Yes, you are right, Mrs. Wilson. We haven't seen such a man!"

Dr. Chen was mentioned again. He had wished that he had been forgotten by

he was dreaming.

"My name is Mona Chen. I have always admired you. If there is an opportunity, please guide me!" Dr. Chen was too excited to restrain himself, and accidentally spoke out his real name.

In fact, normally, he boasted of "Mona Chen", and he looked very arrogant, which could stand out his temperament as a turtle.

It was not that Mona was not a good name, but he himself was disgusted and expected others to respect him?

The reason why they laughed was not only because of his name, but also because of Dr. Chen who claimed to be highly educated. He was so lack of responsibility and courage that he was too narrow-minded.

Giving a cold glance at him, Joseph didn't plan to respond to him, even ignoring his hand reaching out. He had seen too many flattering people these years. He was a man of indifference. He was never expected to be a gentleman with politeness.

Hearing that, Joseph walked straight to Lancy. In consideration to his friendship with Marvin, he said in a somewhat official tone, "got injured again? You put yourself in a more difficult situation! "

The man referred to the thing happened last time, but because Lancy was still in a coma, she had never seen Joseph, so now she was very confused.

All the doctors were asked about the procedure of the infusion.

"Did you treat her wound?" In fact, Joseph didn't expect Marvin to answer her question. While listening to her heartbeat, he checked the sequela of the accident before. "It's all up to you. She has to keep taking the pill. Calculate the time. It's only half a year.

Hearing this, Lancy and her grandfather guessed probably that her granddaughter was in good health and had been taking medicines for more than half a year. he was worried to death and asked, "what happened?"

"Grandpa, don't worry. Lancy is in poor health. So I asked Dr. Joseph to nurse her."

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