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   Chapter 224 Han Clan Break Down

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It was Han Clan who came in a hurry.

The old lady of the Han Clan, was the first one who couldn't sit still. Regardless of the age difference, she rushed to the hospital as fast as she could with her husband, son and daughter-in-law.

She didn't greet Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Sidney but went upstairs directly. When she was about to knock on the door, she happened to hear the words of Jill.

If the Nina was really induced, then the child would really be gone?

Gregary was too old to bear it. He almost fainted when he heard that it was a boy.

He is the eldest grandson of Han Clan! She was fine before she went out. Why did she suddenly disappear?

Mrs. Han, who was trying to hold the old lady, also blushed with embarrassment. The men of the Han Clan all turned around, clenching their fists. But when they looked up at Lancy and the rest, their jaws dropped.

They didn't enter the room until the old lady came to her sense.

Gregary leaned against the sofa, breathing heavily. Seeing Amanda's sad and bleak face, Mrs. Han felt nervous. She grabbed her hand and wept, "good girl, you suffered a lot! Don't worry. Mom will get even with them for you. I won't let her go without a reason. "

Mrs. Han called herself "mom" instead of "mother-in-law". It could be seen that Nina had risen to a higher position in her heart. When she lived with Han Clan, she heard about the unfair treatment of Mr. Lakin. At that time, she thought that Nina was too narrow-minded. Now it seemed that Mr. Lakin was unfair to everyone. He had gone too far!

Nina was her daughter-in-law. Compared with Lancy, who she had only met for once or twice, Nina was beyond doubt! Besides, Nina had built up a good image in Han Clan. She was always obedient and sensible. Although sometimes she was arrogant and willful, she was, after all, from a decent family.

When Nina and Lancy were talking upstairs, she was the only one talking with them. Naturally, it should be Lancy! Otherwise, Nina wouldn't have fallen from the stairs without any reason?

Like Nina, they didn't think a weak woman was able to rescue a pregnant woman rolling down the stairs. It must be someone who had done something to stop them from talking. At that time, so many people stared at her. It seemed that she couldn't make up for it?

Mr. Caspar and Kevin's father, Cecil, looked at Lancy carefully. She didn't look like she had just saved someone? But Nina was terrified just by the wound on her forehead, let alone under her clothes.

After thinking for a while, Mr. Caspar looked at Marvin with grave eyes and said coldly, "you are the master of the Lu Clan. This happened in the Lu Clan, so it is natural that the master of the Lu Clan should take part in it. However, there is a difference between family members. Lancy is your wife. For the sake of fairness, you should avoid her! What do you think? "

"Of course." In the face of Mr. Caspar, Marvin didn't show any weakness. He showed the master's momentum, calm and relaxed.

"The Yin C

speculation. He thought that he was the only person who was treated with ease on the spot, and no wonder Mr. Caspar would mock the Yin Clan.

Lancy was not sure about what he was saying. She only knew that he was good-looking! Ever since she married boss, she never changed her aesthetic standard. She hadn't met such an amazing man! The pretty girl giggled and looked at him with adorable eyes.

For a moment, Johnson didn't know which woman was trying to seduce her. He thought Lancy was as pure as crystal. She must be an innocent girl The next second, he returned to his usual self with a slight smile.

"Mr. Johnson, please decide for Nina! God damn it! Look at my grandson! He is so unlucky!"

Jill said abruptly. Her sad and exaggerated voice resounded in the hall, making the crowd frown. It was really too abrupt and harsh to say anything else!

Hearing this, Sidney's face changed dramatically. Nobody had noticed that before. He didn't expect that the woman in the belly could give birth to a boy. And it was lying on the floor in the living room of the Lu Clan...

As a cultured woman, Mrs. Wilson was willing to yield to pressure. But if other rich ladies had treated her in this way, they would have screamed! She saw that case and Gregary almost fainted out of the guest room!

All the people present turned their heads aside. It was not difficult to imagine how frightening the scene was.

It was easy to guess Jill's thought. She just wanted to hurt Lancy and aroused everyone's compassion, making Lancy unable to return.

However, she seemed to have overestimated the endurance of everyone.

An immature child, who had been born, smelled pungent. Despite of their excellent cultivation, they frowned and covered their noses.

Mrs. Han was so scared that she closed her eyes with her heart pounding. After that, she felt more sad. That was a boy!

At this moment, she had no time to be afraid. With lingering fear, she opened her eyes and looked at the child on the ground.

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