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   Chapter 223 Lancy Is The One Who Should Be Blamed

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A glimmer of smile flashed across Marvin's eyes. Before she said anything, he leaned over. However, Lancy couldn't see his expression and hIS eyes became cold as ice and then as sharp sword, stabbed at Nina.

Hearing this, Nina trembled with fear. She bit her lip and, with tears in her eyes, said, "Lancy, we are sisters, but why do you treat me like this? I know, it's me who snatched you away from Kevin. But you flee from wedding first. What could I do under that circumstance? "

Nina voluntarily brought herself to the victim, from expression to expression and words. She even brought up the previous story, and she did not forget to explain in front of Kevin. "I know you have suffered a lot these years. Indeed, I took the position of you, took away everything that should belong to you, and the person who lives happily like a princess should be you! But, Lancy, I'm your sister after all. Baby is innocent. Why... Why are you so cruel to him? "

After being criticized by someone, Lancy was stunned for a while with her eyes shining. She took a look at Kevin and then at Marvin. She grabbed the back of her head innocently and asked, "what did I do wrong?"

Marvin touched her head and said, "you are right."

"Marvin, why are you defending her?" Tears welled up in her eyes and Nina almost sat up from the bed.

Hearing that, Kevin frowned. He stretched his arms to hold her tightly and apologized to Marvin and Lancy, "I'm sorry. She lost her mind because of what happened."

"Who is unconscious Nina even added some sobs...

Hearing that, Kevin put his hand over her mouth and said, "don't you know that it was Lancy who saved you? Otherwise, I don't know whether you can wake up or not."

The building was typical European style. Nina's falling stairs were heavy. It was worse than death for her, not to mention the baby in her belly.

At that time, if it was not because of Lancy, Nina would really have suffered a lot.

Yes, Nina was wrong about the height of the staircases of the Lu mansion. It was not until now that she realized that the part of her body that she deliberately bumped into was painful, but the other parts of her body really hurt so much!

What did that mean?

"I don't believe it," Nina stared at Kevin and continued.

He was also shocked. He didn't expect that Lancy was so agile. It should be said that the moment when Nina flew out, everyone had prepared for the worst. Many people even covered their eyes with their hands in fear of blood splashing. All of a sudden, Lancy jumped out of the water even faster than the man who was about to fall. In the blink of an eye, she appeared below and protected Nina.

However, after all, she was a woman. The final result was that they both fell down together, and the Lancy was still the last.

Before Nina fainted, she felt a sense of head-on pressure. It was Lancy who pulled her and seized the chance to move down.

If Nina hadn't knocked herself unconscio

ld do it thoroughly if they wanted. He wanted to see how they would deal with it.

Outsiders would have different feelings when watching the scene. That was how the boss saw Jill and Nina! Of course, if it didn't involve Lancy, this drama would be more interesting.

Marvin thought for a while and whispered in Lancy's ear. The girl was stunned for a moment and nodded with hesitation.

Lancy did not understand why boss did not allow her to speak, just listened? The girl took a look at Jill who looked ferocious and then turned to a crying girl like Nina. It was her fault, but... Maybe it was better for her to shut up as the boss was powerful.

"The Lu family will make a clear investigation of this matter." The reason why Lakin pulled a long face was not only because of the matter of his two granddaughters, but also because of Jill's stubbornness.

She had broken into the Lu Clan, humiliated other people's wives in front of her master, and pestered people with unreasonable reasons. What a unreasonable woman Jill was! No matter what the truth was, Jill shouldn't have done that.

A crying and a crying are a trick of the ignorant woman. In the big clans, one should remain calm and act on her own. Howling was nothing more than a piece of cake? Then a problem would be solved?

Having been in power for so many years, Lakin hated to see anyone do such things.

Jill cried out loud. However, no one responded to her cry, and even Kevin looked at her with disapproval. After all, he had personally seen Lancy save Nina, but he wished that it was too much for Nina and her mother to suffer, so that they would be so grievous.

"My poor daughter! It's all my fault. You were kidnapped because of me! That's why you don't even help me! Son in law? That's your blood. Did you go to see him just now? A male has already taken shape. Why don't you know it clearly? "

With a bang, the door was slammed open, and a flustered voice came, "Mom, please don't..."

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