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   Chapter 221 May I Dance With You

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In fact, not only Nina, everyone present stared at this beautiful and confident woman.

The distance was getting closer and closer All of them were curious about the woman's identity. They all held their breath and marveled at her distinctive beauty. 'how bold she is! Mrs. Lu is right beside her.

Lancy, who had lost her interest in the dessert, stared straight at Leona and Marvin with her round eyes. She didn't hear what the two man were talking about and suddenly felt the dessert wasn't as delicious as it looked.

Of course, Leona was beautiful and aggressive, especially for men.

She boldly looked straight into that man's eyes, and did not shy at all. In fact, their eyes were well matched. Who would be able to refuse such a "unusual" woman?

At this moment, Ray, Rani and Rex, who were playing in the garden, walked in hand in hand. They were all attracted by Leona, so no one noticed the three little buns.

Rex titled his head, glanced at Aunt Lancy, and then glanced at the woman hanging on his uncle. Rex immediately got what she meant. The little guy was about to knotte his eyebrows and clench his fists, ready to fight back!

Therefore, Rex was the one who could be passed down from the head to the bottom by Lancy?

Mummy once said that the women around Daddy were all bad women!

Fortunately, Rani grabbed his arm in time. It was not good for anyone to be involved in such an occasion. That woman wanted to seduce her father, and there might be a glimmer of hope in another occasion. This was the Lu family, and the guests were all famous people. The little girl didn't think that her father had been coaxed by women in full view of the public.

Do you have any confidence in your father, Rani?

Rani firmly believed in the reason behind it, and Marvin could not be moved! Was it different from daddy's deep love to Mommy?

The three little babies started to whisper, but didn't make a scene.

With an enchanting smile on her face, Leona cast a sidelong glance at Lancy, as if she didn't see Lancy, and then turned to face Marvin, "Mr. Marvin, would you like to invite me for a dance?"

If Leona didn't think he would refuse, a successful business man and a gentleman wouldn't pick on a lady on such an occasion.

Leona smiled happily and was ready to step on the stage together.

However, Marvin ignored her and turned to a girl, "Beautiful lady, would you like to have lunch with me?"

A beautiful lady? Whoops, this was definitely the first time that boss praised her beauty. Myocardial infarction? What was wrong with Lancy? Lancy was so flattered that she put the slender into the man's palm and followed him obediently.

Being ignored, Leona stood still and smiled suddenly.

"I'll tell you." Seeing that Lancy's shyness was no less than a satire in Nina's eyes, Nina continued, "She is really a scheming woman. See? She has managed to tame men. And she even..." Nina suddenly stopped.

"Even Mr. Kevin, m

he hardship of a woman carrying a child. Since Marvin was not around at that time, Lancy couldn't do anything bad to Kevin. But he was just next to Nina, so how could he be so evil?

The girl was so angry that her face turned red and murmured, "why do you look so terrible? You are thinner than before, not like a pregnant woman! Kevin must have not taken good care of you. Look at him, he's so skinny. "

Kevin and cabbages were hitting the screen in Lancy's mind, and Nina was the victim.

At this moment, when Lancy looked at Nina carefully, she was shocked to realize that this kid really suffered a lot. Her small chin was so pointed that it was almost punctured. Nina still didn't wear any makeup today and she just slightly brushed her eyebrows, looking relatively energetic.

'Fortunately, Nina has a pretty face. She is really beautiful.' One thought. If it was the woman who did heavy makeup and was thin with heavy make-up, it was almost impossible to appear in public.

However, Lancy's fury didn't work at all. Instead, it triggered Nina's fury hidden in the darkness.

'She isn't like a pregnant woman! She isn't like a pregnant woman!' Nina was furious inside. What the hell was wrong with her? She was not a good girl at all!

Who was to blame for all this? Was she pretending to be pregnant? Or was she cheating everyone? Kevin didn't even touch her. What could she do? How could she get pregnant? And she, Lancy, was the one who made all this!

If it was not because of her, how could Kevin not touch her! And the chief culprit, now had the face to stand in front of her and say something unimportant. She was too unreasonable!

Because of the light of fire, his eyes became more focused.

"Don't be angry. Don't be angry. You should take care of yourself." Seeing her face turning paler and paler, Lancy felt like her heart was struggling. "The baby with a smiling face is cute. If you get angry, he will be as serious as my boss, Marvin."

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