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   Chapter 220 Being Seen Through

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As he expected, Nina's face softened a lot. After a struggle, Nina slowly asked, "Why do you help me?"

What Nina didn't understand was that their friendship was not as close as that. What was her purpose to help Nina? Nina would rather him help her on purpose than be so kind and treated her with good money without payment. In that way, Nina could feel satisfied with his kindness.

"Why should I help you..." With a playful smile, Leona discreetly scanned the surroundings, as if she was looking for something. "It's very simple. First, we are friends. Second, you are the lady of the Han Clan, so I help you with your own convenience. Why not? Third, that woman called Lancy is so happy! "

The first two reasons are normal. But the last one, what's going on?

If Lancy knew about this, she would yell out, "Somebody's coming! There's snake spirit disease here!"! It was only their first meeting, but they suddenly became enemies at the same level? This cliff was unscientific!

Everybody, please change your attitude. Recalling the first time they met each other and the first time their meeting was over, they had a good time talking! What on earth made them hate each other so much? Kneel down and ask for the answer!

The others exclaimed, "there is a kind of disease called red eye disease, cancer!"! Don't you know that?

Some people didn't get along well with each other even though they were born; some people lost contact because of the accumulating contradictions.

Nina believed that she was the former when being with Lancy; and once again, Nina believed that if Leona was with Lancy, Leona would also be the former! Leona and Nina had not known each other for a long time, and they had developed deep friendship since then. Leona once mentioned her ex-boyfriend and the one night stand with her, but Leona never mentioned her family.

Obviously, Leona didn't have a good childhood. Leona was always heartbroken. Lancy lived a well-known life in her mother-in-law's house, and was also valued by her husband. Moreover, she gave birth to a boy and a girl with her husband's two babies. Thus, Lancy was absolutely a 'public enemy' of all women!

Sometimes, it was just unreasonable for them to be so selfish.

After ruminating it through, Nina dropped her guard on Leona, but she broke out in a cold sweat. She remembered what Leona had said just now. It might be a chance for him to improve himself "What... What do you mean?"

There was a hint of irony flashing in Leona's eyes. Leona knew her better than Nina thought. Nina had Leona's own thoughts in her mind, but Leona pretended to be innocent. Leona cast a cold glance at Nina's swollen belly and her silvery hand. She was well prepared for this!

"What I mean is that you can't delay like this any longer. We have to get rid of it thoroughly. You won't be able to keep it from us for long. Han Clan has even set a date for the confinement center in our house, and the doctor who decided to deliver your baby is very expensive. I'm afraid you can't avoid the next prenatal examin


The "pity" came from nowhere.

Nina thought to herself, "it's a shame for a good man to be stuck with a bad guy!"! In fact, Leona indeed detested Lancy very much. But Nina was also very angry about that and Nina angrily agreed. Nina said, "If she was like that, it was a pity for anyone who was qualified to be her boyfriend! That kind of man doesn't even deserve my brother, Kevin. But why does Kevin fall in love with her? "

She felt so aggrieved.

"That's true." With a smile, Leona's eyes twinkled with an unreadable light. It went on a round between Kevin and Marvin and she had to admit that compared with Kevin, Lancy had a good eye and Marvin had a better taste.

Nina pulled a long face. There was some bad emotions on her face. She could tell people what she wanted to say, but she couldn't let anyone else tell her. As Nina was about to rebuke Leona, she caught a glimpse of Leona unintentionally. However, the faint smile in Leona's eyes rendered her speechless. Turning Nina's head to look at Kevin, Nina finally pouted.

"Nina, I didn't expect that you would be defeated by such a man." Leona shook her head, pretending to be surprised, "That woman is silly and looks like a fool. How could you..."

Nina's face darkened, but she had to admit that what Leona said was right. Looking at Lancy who was staring at the cake, Nina also felt suspicious. How could she lose to Lancy? Defeated by her dumb spirit?

The more Nina thought about it, the more angry she became.

With a sigh, Leona said, "Alas, Nina, don't think too much. At present, we need to solve the problem. If they find out, I'm afraid the Han Clan will... "

Leona patted Nina on the shoulder and walked slowly with her slim waist.

That was the direction Leona was heading to Marvin. Before Nina responded, she was completely stunned. What on earth did Leona want to do?

Nina felt her blood boiling and her eyes were wide open. She was so excited as if she was the woman who walked towards Marvin and she knew what Leona was thinking about.

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