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   Chapter 218 Centrifugal and Surrender

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10372

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Fortunately, after that incident, what Mrs. Wilson and her mother, Julie, had already disagreed with Doris. Since Rex had been safe, it was unnecessary for Mrs. Wilson to say that? Who could stand it?

Doris's face darkened immediately. She stared at the Mrs. Wilson with her eyes wide open. She didn't turn around and walk away at once.

As Doris's grandma, Mrs. Wilson really treated her as the best person to complain because she hadn't shown up in front of Julie.

"But that twins can't change their surname to Lu" It must be the most pleasant thing to Mrs. Wilson recently! That day when Mr. Lakin came to visit Sidney and had a talk with Sidney, she got a big news! "He will not suffer any loss if Rex together with the twins,"

The Mrs. Wilson smiled, looking at Doris with twinkling eyes. But Doris didn't feel the same way.

Doris couldn't help but think that the reason why Wilson would do such a thing, and the reason why he looked like that must have something to do with her growing environment's whispers and eyes? If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant...

"So, Doris, don't let Rex follow those two guys. He has no future!" Mrs. Wilson raised her chin and thought, 'I thought Wilson was useless. But he was kicked out of the house and did an amazing thing.'

Doris managed to lift the corners of her mouth and looked at her grandma through her eyes which were focusing on aliens. 'doesn't Rex have a future by following Marvin and his family?' she wondered? Then who is he going to together with? Her grandma or any other kids?

Since the Wilson had been ruled out, the only several members of the family had no fighting capacity in front of Marvin! Her mother, Julie... Her husband was right. If her mother could still fight for the right as the daughter of the eldest branch ten years ago and missed the best opportunity, there was nothing to talk about!

After all, Bruce was only her husband, and some of the things that were indecent to his wife were really indecent. As the saying goes, a married daughter is like the splashed water. Even her daughter Doris has got married and had her own child, but her mother-in-law is still torturing... Even if the Lu Clan didn't have Marvin, even if he was adopted by someone else, he wouldn't hand over the family to his mother-in-law, unless Sidney really made a mistake!

By then, the happiest people would be people of the Sen Clan, not Julie and Mrs. Wilson!

Bruce has never been optimistic about Julie, nor has he lost his head in his mother-in-law's efforts to attract the pie he drew. He never believes in dropping the pie out of thin air... Although the benefits were huge, their plan had to be tested. However, Doris was so considerate that she get involved in their quarrel... Fortunately, she seemed to change her mind after a series of dangerous things. Bruce was quite grateful for that.

For that reason, compared with Rex, who was closer to Mrs. Wilson and Julie, Bruce preferred him to be close to Ray and Rani.

Doris's heart turned cold with her ears turning left and

e if they had to separate them!

"Mommy, aunt!"

"Auntie, Auntie!"

The three wimpy kids gathered around him happily, pouting so sweetly.

Nina and Kevin, who were also invited to Lu Clan, saw the scene. Three children, who were white, tender and sweet, surrounded Lancy. Even the twins looked exactly the same, were her own children... However, at this moment, it was particularly eye-catching!

Nina's face without makeup was pale and her eyes were red! Seeing her bulging belly, Kevin thought Nina must have led a miserable life!

At the same time, Kevin seemed not to be as cold as before. He still remembered to protect Nina carefully when he was walking and socializing! She had been in a very bad state recently. She had gone to the hospital for prenatal checkups and told the doctor that everything was normal, but she was just having a normal response to pregnant women... Thus all the people inside and outside of Han Clan were immersed in Nina.

Nina also had no idea of it. That was why she got thinner and thinner day by day.

Now she was five months pregnant!

Nina stared at her with a pale face. She had "offered" to comfort Lancy, but was frightened back by her unexpectedly! Now Lancy was going to throw a birthday party again. Her purpose was to stimulate her, wasn't it?

Nina glanced at Kevin subconsciously and thought, 'luckily, he doesn't keep his eyes on Lancy...' Well...

The more Nina thought about it, the more hatred she felt for Lancy. She hoped that he could control himself and forget that woman! She then put on a fake smile and said, "Kevin, please leave me alone. I'll be fine."

It turned out that Leona was her best friend who was always by her side when she was most depressed. Compared with Lancy who was as tough as her first enemy, Nina was closer to Leona.

She was a totally different woman from Lancy, so she didn't want to be fooled by her name. As an innocent woman, she drew a lot of characters from Lancy. This woman was smart and courageous, and most importantly, she was not kind at all.

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