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   Chapter 217 A Little Fat Boy Got Up Early

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9973

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Rex wasn't stupid!

At dawn, the fat boy's shoes got off the soft bed! He opened the lights in the room with his sleepy eyes and immediately woke up.

The moment he knew that Ray and Rani had their own rooms, he had done the same thing to them! 'Having my own little space is one of the advantages, ' he thought.

Rex was walking happily in the cloakroom. Fortunately, when his grandparents were making a bedroom for his precious grandson, they specially paid attention to the cloakroom. The size and plaid of the large and thin wardrobe were the figures that he could reach. Otherwise, no matter how angry he was, he could only sigh with joy in the cloakroom.

Anyway, the little fat guy was extremely happy now! He sat in front of the mirror, pacing back and forth. He didn't feel dizzy at all. Instead, he felt so happy when he sat on his little hip.

A small bow tie, a small suit... What shoes should I wear! Suddenly, Rex frowned and twisted her body. Maybe he has to lost some weight?

If Doris had known it, she would have cried her heart out and passed out in the bathroom! She was trying to persuade her son to lose weight under the pressure of the whole family, but Rex could not change his mind. Now it was her own consciousness. How could Doris figure it out?

Rex got changed and ran to his parents' room.

Regardless of whether daddy and Mommy were sleeping or awake, the little fat boy pounced on them and said softly, "Daddy, Mommy, get up!"

?"Is there a Rex in my house swelling? ?"

Was she going to kick his son out of the house?

Rex's father didn't back home until three o'clock at night. When he was in a daze in sleep, a stone suddenly pressed on his body. He opened his eyes and found that it was his bear boy. "Little fatty, I must beat you today!"

"Humph! Daddy is the one who should be beaten. You said that it's good for health to get up early." The little fat boy got even closer to the grown-up. He was going to beat them up until they were satisfied. "Get up, get up."

Bruce was really woken up by this boy. He angrily patted Rex's plump buttock and pointed outside: "You brat, tell me, where is the sun from?"

However, the little fat boy did not care about him at all, but went to disturb her mother instead.

Rex thought to himself, "Dad is so silly. Although the Lord of the sun still remembers to come out, it doesn't mean that he won't come out soon." He even didn't have a rest for the whole year after the sun rose in the east, which made his daddy poor.

Bruce, who was disliked by his son, felt a little sad. He knelt down and begged to have a daughter! Cute and sweet! Bruce's mouth twitched. He looked at her wife with growing perplexity in his eyes.

Doris didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Son, what the hell is going on here?" Doris propped herself up and tried to hold the little fatty into the bed. After several times of struggling, she pushed Rex away.

"Mummy, you ruin my hair!"

Sen Clan naturally arrived earlier than other guests invited.

The little fat man blocked Rani and Rani's eyes the moment he appeared. The two buns half covered their eyes, trying not to look into each other's eyes. Even Doris and Bruce couldn't help covering their faces with their hands. Rex is definitely not my son.

Anyway, the fat boy was quite "shinning" today. His tie was golden, and his suit was shining with silver (fortunately it wasn't gold) especially his back Could children still have fun? The dress apparently had a small body, but how could this style be settled? Was he trying to take everyone's attention away from him?

In fact, the man who could turn her into a small back was the real master?

Behind the scene it was the experienced man Bruce. He sneezed and shrugged, continuing to talk with others casually.

Hand in hand, the three little bun went somewhere, while Doris disappeared in an instant. Hers and Mrs. Wilson's eyes met. The woman kindly smiled and waved to Doris.

Doris hesitated for a second and walked towards him, her face still shining.

As Mrs. Wilson and her great grandchildren walked out of the house, Mrs. Wilson held Doris' hands and said, "I didn't expect that after the incident last time, Rex and the two children are getting on well with each other."

Mrs. Wilson's tone was so meaningful that everyone could tell! Not to mention Doris, the smile on her face immediately disappeared. Compared with before, when she faced her mother, Julie, and Mrs. Wilson, she was not just foolishly listening, but kept an eye on them.

Doris kept silent and Mrs. Wilson still said, "what have you done? Let Rex don't get too close to them! If something happens in the future, it's hard to say whether she can come back safely! "

If it was said in front of others, Mrs. Wilson would not say it out loud! However, Doris had a different feeling now. She was Rex's mom but not a step mother now! It's a curse to say this to her son!

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