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   Chapter 215 A Difficult Decision

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Things about Wilson temporarily come to an end, plus with the Lewis release, Sherry unprecedented ease, the whole spirit of the people are different.

Lewis wanted to take her away in a few days, but he had to stay for the baby's birthday party! Lewis was really fond of the twins! All kinds of them were clever and cute, much better than those bear children from Nan Clan.

All right, the 'bear child' here was what Lewis remembered, and that was his useless son! Thinking of this, Lewis looked more kindly at Ray and Rani because he hadn't had a grandson yet!

Sherry has a good son although she has a hard time with Wilson!

Ah, so was that what a good son would like to be? A father? What a standard? Learned a lot.

So, the return date of Lewis to Panama City was postponed and he decided to leave after the birthday party.

Yes, it was their baby's birthday party! Although the birthday party was still held as usual after that accident, it was no longer so "important".

'I have to make a statement as to the matter about Wilson after the statement.

Maybe it was because he had punished Wilson, Mr. Sidney looked much older than before. There was a hint of loss in his eyes loss? Asked Ray and Rani, who were shocked by the scene and pinched their faces helplessly! Don't have breakfast?

Was that the point?

With her hands around Mr. Sidney's knees, Rani fumbled in her pocket. When Mr. Lu was wondering what she was doing, she finally took out a chocolate.

"Great Grandpa, here you are. I am not hungry." The little girl said in a lovely voice, took one more piece and threw it into her mouth! He acted as if he was telling Sidney that chocolate was delicious and that the ice cream tasted great!

Not to mention whether Sidney had breakfast or not, the chocolate didn't serve him well.

However, Sidney felt that his heart was hot because of the hot weather. He had just experienced the thing that his son was driven out, so he could imagine how much kids were caring for him now!

What? Chocolate didn't work? Who said that? Stand out and let him acknowledge it. They deserved their names!

Tears welled up in Mr. Sidney's eyes, which made the twins shiver. 'will he cry?'?

How is that possible?

In the blink of an eye, Mr. Sidney sat as usual. He signaled to Marvin and his granddaughter in law, Lancy, to sit down. His face was dignified. Those who didn't know the situation would think that something like Wilson would happen again!

Because of this strange style, Lancy dare not make a cheeky face, but tried to imitate the looks of Marvin ---- serious face.

But she didn't look serious at all when she was struggling!

"Grandpa, what happened?" Not to mention that Lancy was making a blind guess, even Marvin could not help guessing who had done that?

No wonder Mr. Sidney didn't behave like this ten years ago when the Lu Clan was shocked! If it we

was so excited and sat up, Rani silently gnawed her fingernails and tried to calm herself down! Ah, she was such a kind baby.

Ray didn't turn his head, holding Mr. Sidney's clothes tightly with his little hands, and then turned his face away. Unlike his sister Megan, he had always been rational and rational.

So, did he call them here to show off? This is Lancy.

The woman didn't admit that she was envious and jealous of the baby. However, when the baby took his family name, in the beginning, she didn't expect that after some twists and turns, she wanted to make a profit.

Round and round, I was the one who knew my baby best! Lancy puffed out her chest and smiled broadly, but in return, Marvin gave her an impatient glance. Yes, her thought was so straightforward.

"I agree with Rani. Grandpa, don't worry about it." "Just as Rani said, the last name isn't important." Marvin said seriously

Hearing that, Marvin squinted. He seemed to understand the meaning behind his words! Was he implying something? Do you know what you are talking about?

The last name isn't important? All of a sudden, Sidney had an urge to punish boss by kneeling at the ancestral hall.

Boss looked calm and relaxed. It had been a long time since he had made this decision.

"You know our family's current situation,"

"……" Mr. Sidney was convinced by the underlying meaning of Marvin. He looked at the two children and then at Lancy, lost in thought.

Sidney wouldn't have agreed if there hadn't been the previous plan! Perhaps, he would think that Lancy had said something to Marvin, but now, he could not help but consider his suggestion.

Hearing that, Lancy opened her eyes wide. She had no idea what they were talking about!

Marvin, who was a girl's legitimate husband. Of course, it's his duty to explain to his wife! With a smile in his eyes, Marvin said gently, "I mean, Ray and Rani don't have to change their surname."

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